Veterinary Epidemiology Principles and Methods Veterinarian or doctors doing surgery in the clinic medicine pet animals health care and people concept

Veterinary Epidemiology: Principles and Methods

Want to take the first step toward becoming a veterinarian? Here's where you can start. Veterinary Epidemiology: Principles and Methods provides the strong, fundamental knowledge about animal health that you need before you begin treating them. Before treating animals, students must know how animal health is unique. Veterinary Epidemiology: Principles and Methods is an introductory textbook on health and medicine ...
Animals and Ethics 101 Animal rights group protesting in Chicagos Millennium Park September 2013

Animals and Ethics 101

Want to know more about animal rights? Animals & Ethics 101 has you covered. The textbook is a great critical thinking exercise for philosophy students and must-read for those studying veterinary science. Animals & Ethics 101: Thinking Critically About Animal Rights is a simple guide to the moral and immoral treatment of animals. In just 126 pages, the book provides ...
Veterinary Science Veterinarian and assistant working in surgery room


The Veterinary Science books and articles on Direct Knowledge can help keep you up to date on advances in the field or introduce you to new ideas. From types of vets, to specific veterinarian specialties, to veterinary medicine journals, and even career-focused articles, you are sure to find a book or article on a topic you are interested in ...
Outstanding Veterinarians portrait of a veterinarian and assistant in a small animal clinic at work

Outstanding Veterinarians (10 Inspiring Careers)

In thinking about vets, we often think about treating household pets. However, many outstanding veterinarians go above and beyond to treat as many diverse animals as possible. Their work includes the diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of various animal-based diseases and injuries. This amazing group of doctors treats specialized groups of animals be they "fur babies," working animals, or wild animals ...
Current Events in Veterinary Science Microbiologist hand cultivating a petri dish whit inoculation loops, beside autoclave for sterilising surgical and other instruments inside.

Current Events in Veterinary Science

Anyone who loves animals will tell you they're not just animals. Likewise, someone who has a pet believes truly that their dog, cat, or other companion is family. Pets make a huge difference in our social lives. Even more so, animals play a large role in the lives of humans. To be clear, veterinary science is not just about pets ...
Veterinary Topics

Veterinary Topics (Veterinarians and Zoologists)

Veterinary science deals with the health and well-being of animals. Much like human medicine, it covers everything from preventative care to psychological assessment to complex surgical procedures. From animal welfare to veterinary practitioners, this article gives a brief summary of several different veterinary science topics. Find one to explore further, and look for books and articles on Direct Knowledge ...
Veterinary Associations and Organizations Female veterinarians perform surgery on a small dog

Veterinary Associations and Organizations

The veterinarian organizations listed in this article foster the discovery, sharing and application of scientific knowledge to the care of animals. Relevant research and scientific information are communicated to members who may engage in wildlife health research, clinical medicine, teaching, disease surveillance, regulatory work, or administration. Several of these organizations are open to students as well ...
Veterinary Journals Veterinarian doctor with cat beside him looking up medical information in library

Veterinary Journals (Which Is Right for You?)

Scientific journals help disseminate research and technology advances through a profession. They are essential for professionals staying up-to-date with the latest advances. Here is a list of about 140 veterinary journals that veterinarians may be interested in. Most of these journals are peer-reviewed and some of these journals are open access ...
Veterinary Science Veterinarian and assistant working in surgery room


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