Top Journalism Schools Around the World

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Top Journalism Schools Around the World

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For developing journalists, one of the most significant queries is how to achieve a respected and reputable position within the field of journalism. One answer is learning from top journalism schools. Top journalism schools aim to instill steadfast values in journalists from the start. Fortunately, there are numerous professional, high quality journalism schools all around the globe (and a good amount in the US if you want to stay close to home). If you want to walk along this career path, many of these institutions are well capable of providing you with a firm foothold.

However, these schools are top-ranked for a reason. They are highly rigorous, putting students to the test. And in addition to sheer difficulty, other explanations arise as to why students may want to pick less selective colleges. They may be less expensive, or perhaps they want to stay somewhere close to their home, or they may worry about not being able to put up with the new culture elsewhere. But, the challenges of attending a prime world-class institution will reward you bountifully. They encourage strong growth of academic and personal qualities that will last a lifetime.

Below are some of the top journalism schools for aspiring journalists. These schools and colleges stand out as hubs of excellence in the journalism field, with superb reputations traversing far and wide.

For Those with Wanderlust: Top Journalism Programs In Europe

Stockholm University

Stockholm University, situated in Sweden, was established in 1878. It is a public university offering students an opportunity to major in natural sciences and the humanities. Around the globe academics recognize the high ranking of this university. It offers excellent undergraduate, doctoral and master’s programs in the field of journalism. Time spent in this prime institution will enrich not only a journalistic career, but life experiences as well.

The University of Westminster

This institution was founded in 1838 and is situated in London. It has acted as the center of learning in Europe over the years with a top journalism school ranking among the best global research institutions in the world for its media and communication wing. The University of Westminster remains an unmatched option for European and British students who have interests in journalism.

University of Helsinki

The University of Helsinki in Finland is one of the oldest and largest universities in the country. It offers the most comprehensive range of courses and has the highest student enrollment at around 36,500 students at any given time.

The university consists of 11 faculties and 11 institutes for research, including mass media and journalism courses. The department of communication in the institution is very exclusive, having an enrollment of 50 students. Therefore, the university accepts each student only after they undertake a highly competitive exam to qualify for entry. Such high standards make is a top school for journalism or any other area of study it offers.

University of Sheffield

The university is situated in England with an exemplary department for journalism courses. It is the most highly-ranked journalism school in the UK. Both undergraduate and postgraduate programs draw students from across the world. Students transform into highly trained visual media and print journalists through the programs. For anyone with the interest to pursue journalism in the UK, University of Sheffield remains highly sought after.

Or Maybe Other Top International Journalism Schools Catch Your Eye

Concordia University in Canada

Situated in Montreal, Concordia has one of the largest enrollments in Canada. It is popularly known for its offerings on mass media and mass communication courses both for undergraduate and master’s students from all over the world. Canada recently gathered widespread status for offering a student-friendly environment. Concordia University contributed significantly towards this recognition.

The University of Melbourne

This university was established in Australia in 1853 and enjoys a ranking recognition as 33rd in the world according to higher education rankings. The institution is reputable for training successful journalists over the years. Thus it makes it a highly coveted university by students who have an active interest in the field of journalism from within as well as outside the boundaries of Australia.

National University of Singapore

The National University of Singapore is among the top institutions ranked as centers for excellence in the continent of Asia.  It is distinct in media studies as well as other related disciplines.  The university stresses experiential learning, in which students learn through hand-on experience. Through this method, the faculty does its best to encourage more creativity and innovation.

A Number of Competitive Top State Colleges in Journalism in the US

New York University

It is ranked best of the world’s non-profit research universities in New York City and was founded in 1831. The institution boasts an excellent top-rated journalism program, as well as film and media studies. It also has the high honor of having several Pulitzer Prize winners as alumni.

This university always finds its way into popular culture and acts as a background to many popular movies. The majority of the journalism students consider it a privilege to secure a chance to study at the New York University. Its syllabus is excellent and the faculty boasts overwhelming contributions in efforts to retain the elite status of the university.

Arizona State University 

With five campuses spread around the Phoenix area, it has a total of 72,000 students, making it one of the largest state universities in the country. The university has a high acceptance of around 83%, and it doesn’t require any academic essays for admission. It also offers a program for advanced students to complete their bachelor’s and master’s degree within five years through the accelerated program.

The institution produces individuals who hold essential professional and ethical skills, having gone through rigorous training to successfully tackle the digital media in today’s world and for the future. Students experience practice from real life pieces of training from the newsroom. Those with interests in sports also have a chance to report on the Phoenix and the Los Angeles sports teams. It’s involvement and focus on experience in journalism make it a top school for consideration.

University of Texas at Austin

The institution is found in Austin, and it is a premier university with an average acceptance rate of 39% in 2015. The Moody college within the university offers a bachelor’s degree in journalism. Students can build their digital portfolios during the four years of study, equipping them with skills needed for postgraduate careers.

In the course of their research, students learn features of communication that enable them to create networks beyond journalism. Students are also in a position to get a certificate in other fields such as sports journalism. Interested individuals must complete the application process used in an application in all public universities in Texas. Thus, the students should thoroughly prepare for writing essay tests to prove qualification.

University of Georgia, Henry Grady Top College of Journalism

The University of Georgia is a reputable institution offering excellent programs in journalism. It was established in 1915 and possesses first-hand information on the evolution of journalism right from its early stages to what it is today.

This college offers many different forms of media studies and journalism, starting from undergraduate studies and reaching up to master’s and even doctoral certification. Grady also boasts a long list of successful, renowned journalist alumni.

University of Missouri

The University of Missouri is situated in Columbia, Missouri. It is a public university with a student population of 33,000. It has an acceptance rate of 77%, thus making it very accessible for students who are qualified academically. The Missouri journalism school has a wide range of courses for students to choose from. It includes magazine journalism, strategic communication, convergence journalism, photojournalism, print and digital news, and radio-television journalism.

Journalism courses use the Missouri method, which stresses learning through experience. The students have a chance to take part in the Columbia, Missouri series of publications, multimedia newsroom, or the global journalist. Internship programs further give them the journalistic experience needed upon completion. Those aspiring to join the institution must be accepted separately by the school of journalism and the university.

Boston as a Hotspot for Top Journalism Programs

Boston University

Situated in the heart of a college town, Boston University is one of the favorite institutions for developing journalists.  The acceptance rate was 26% in 2016, making it one of the most selective institutions around. It has an enrollment of 35,000, and the university offers many off-campus activities and diversions. For admission, the university requires the students to complete the university general application for first-year students. 

The college offers both undergraduate and postgraduate courses in journalism. Its journalism orientation makes sure the students get a firm foundation in the areas of interest while sharpening their journalistic skills. Boston University gives a chance for the students to cover the events happening around the Boston state House and the United States Congress. Additionally, students can even secure an internship within the campus or outside in the other organizations.

Emerson College

This highly-ranked school devotes itself to offering the study of performing arts and communication at their best. It is located in downtown Boston, with a small number of students and an acceptance rate of 49%. With this prime location, the students enjoy adequate resources of a significant city.

In 2015, the institution received awards for its nation-wide top-ranking qualities. Emerson offers various classes for cultural affairs, writing platforms, public relations, multimedia platforms, and broadcast studies. For instance, the institution offers a multimedia curriculum where students can contribute to off-campus media stations, television, and newspaper outlets. The journalism department connects the students with these outlets where many eventually score internship opportunities.

A Couple Other Well-Known Top Universities for Journalism in the US

Northwestern University

This reputable private institution is found in Illinois, USA, where it was originally started by John Evans in 1851. The university houses the prestigious Medill school of journalism which has excellent postgraduate and undergraduate courses in journalism.

The alumni of the institution include multiple winners of the Nobel and Pulitzer Prizes. In addition, it has campuses in the city of Chicago and also in Doha Qatar. It also offers academic programs in San Francisco and Washington D.C.

American University 

In the city of Washington, D.C., you can find the private American University which attracts students from all over the country. Students who are passionate about politics and journalism especially work towards becoming a part of the institution. However, the university only admits 13,000 students, ensuring adequate resources for everyone.

The institution offers both bachelor’s and master’s programs in journalism, public affairs, and digital storytelling. If you have interests in political journalism, America University is the place to be. The students have a chance to report on Capitol Hill, federal agencies, the DC government, the nation’s policymakers, and the entire world. They can also participate in prominent internships in DC. guaranteeing great work experience upon completion.

Final Thoughts on Top Journalism Schools

Journalism is among the most noble professions of the 21st century around the world, emphasizing a strong sense of authenticity and also ethics. Luckily enough, there are many good journalists around the globe today. But in the recent past, some journalists in the field brought a bad reputation to their profession. Shoddy journalism is in several ways more deplorable than plain old gossip, making quality education an important part of forming a trustworthy foundation for journalism.

Regardless of the institution a student chooses for their higher education, the experiences they have there typically affect them positively in the long run. Practically all institutions will provide many learning opportunities both academically and just in terms of life experience.

In some instances, the college attended doesn’t matter as much as many people try to make it out. Rather, the primary achievement value from the institution is obtaining the proper match between the school and the prospective student, followed by successful graduation. There are plenty of failures from Harvard, and plenty of success from Shenandoah University.

But the significance of more highly-ranked journalism schools often comes in to play during the recruitment practices of multinational companies, especially consulting companies that are only interested in individuals graduating from elite schools. Above all, they provide the personal benefits of providing exceptional challenges that grow one’s own personality, goals, and work ethic. Thus, while ranking isn’t everything, it certainly helps identify the schools of highest quality according to many experts.

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