How to Create a Course

How to Create a Course (Share Your Knowledge)

Online learning is rapidly becoming a viable alternative for more and more people. Educators can create online courses that will be available to many more students than they could reach before. Read how we can help connect you with others to help edit or create your course, as well as how to offer your course for sale on our marketplace.

Scholarly Articles

Scholarly Articles (and How to Publish Them)

In the academic world, scholarly articles are essential. Knowing how to produce them is crucial to many professional realms of life. We’ll go over writing scholarly articles, and how you can utilize online communities to help complete your own academic work. Also learn the benefits of self-publishing your scholarly articles.

Community Collaboration

Community Collaboration (For Professionals)

Direct Knowledge is an online community that offers students and professionals the opportunity to make new and helpful connections. In this article, learn more about the purpose, features and benefits to professionals of being a part of an educational online community. Also, read about the four key components of Direct Knowledge’s online educational platform.

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