University Physics Volume 2 Student draws the atoms in the sky The concept study

University Physics Volume 2

Is physics challenging for you? Are you struggling to keep up in an intermediate or advanced course? University Physics Volume 2 can assist. The textbook offers step-by-step explanations, helpful exercises, and clean visuals to aid students’ learning in a level

University Physics Volume 1 Lot of carbon atoms on white 3d illustration

University Physics Volume 1

Do you find physics difficult? Are you looking for extra assistance? Look no further than University Physics Volume 1. The textbook provides thorough explanations, relevant sample problems, and clean visuals to aid students’ learning in introductory physics courses. Tackle even

Principles of Economics Economics Business Financial Budget Investment Concept

Principles of Economics

Do you wish you knew more about the economy? Principles of Economics can help give you a deeper understanding of how the world’s financial systems work. The textbook is intended for introductory and intermediate economic students and covers a wide

Nursing Care at the End of Life

Nursing Care at the End of Life

Nursing students, do you worry about handling patients close to death? Nursing Care at the End of Life will equip you with the information and management skills you need to tackle the difficult, and inevitable, situations nurses face. Both students

Mechanics and Relativity Physics - word from wooden letters on wooden table

Mechanics and Relativity

Want to travel through time and space? Mechanics and Relativity dives into physical phenomena and rules of the universe. The textbook is for students with no prior knowledge in the subject. It teaches important mathematics and physics lessons relevant to

Metaethics from a First Person Standpoint The word Philosophy on a wall

Metaethics from a First Person Standpoint

Having trouble understanding metaethics concepts? Metaethics from a First Person Standpoint will offer a fresh perspective for the confused but curious philosophy student. Unlike traditional textbooks, Metaethics from a First Person Standpoint dictates in novel format what “right” and “wrong”

Online Textbooks student choosing between paper books or tablet computer

Online Textbooks

Exploring online textbooks can help students and professionals increase their understanding of academic topics. Find out where to get access to free books in this guide and which ones are the most effective for individual learning. Plus, explore reviews and resources on digital textbooks as well as reasons why digital tools are increasingly prevalent in higher education.

Strength in Numbers Several numbers on the rocks

Strength in Numbers

This review of the short book Strength in Numbers: An In-Depth Look at Actuarial Science for Math Enthusiasts by Chloe Hung summarizes the book and provides thoughts by a credentialed actuary. Learn what actuarial science is, what actuaries do, and why it all matters. Those interested in math or actuarial science will find something interesting in this book.