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Geography Articles - Watercolor geographical map of the world. Physical map of the world. Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia, North America, South America, Antarctica, Indonesia. A realistic image


Geography Articles Unlike the geological and Earth Sciences, geography isn’t solely about the planet. It also looks at the people, animals, events, and other happenings on the land both in the present and throughout time. In fact, geography can even be said to include the study of the entire universe and all its features in …

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Geography: History and Branches

What is Geography? (History and Branches)

 A captivating and interesting subject, geography is a scientific discipline and is devoted to the careful study and analysis of the Earth’s landforms, environment, oceans, and ecosystems. It is also the study of the interaction between the human society and their environment.  It is worth mentioning that the word geography actually means “earth writing”. Keep …

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Outstanding Geographers

Outstanding Geographers (10 Phenomenal Careers)

Geography may be taught in early education as the science of the planet’s environment, but it is really much broader in scope. Even if you took Advanced Placement Human Geography in high school, you learned about the deep connection between the natural environment and human society. Today’s outstanding geographers are not simply interested in identifying …

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