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Economics Articles Although it has many mathematical aspects, economics is ultimately a social science. It uses math and science to study parts of society, namely the economy and what drives it. This consists of the production and then exchange and distribution of goods and services for money between the various players in the economy. The …

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Economics Topics

Economics Topics: 21 Subjects Briefly Explained

Economics isn’t just the study of the economics of countries, governments, and societies; it also looks at smaller-scale systems, including those unrelated to money or products. Read on to learn about some of the many topics within economics. A Historical Perspective of Economics Subjects 1. Classical Economics Classical economics is a broad term that describes …

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Current Events in Economics

Current Events in Economics (6 Highlights)

The economy generally refers to the wealth of a nation. However, it also represents the production, trade, and consumption of goods and services by a given population. Alternatively, many economists see the economy as a social distinction that highlights the discourses, practices, and material expressions connected with the production and management of resources. It is …

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