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Anthropology Articles Anthropology studies the roots and behaviors of humankind that make our species unique. From our evolutionary pasts to our modern present; from the individual to the society. Although it doesn’t focus so much on society—sociology takes charge of that area. Anthropology focuses more on other aspects of humans like our physical traits, environmental …

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Archaeological Anthropology

Archaeological Anthropology (An Introduction)

The notion that archeology is all about studying old rocks is hilariously inaccurate, but then again, so is the misconception that all archaeological findings are as awesome as dinosaur remains. The reality is that archaeology is far more diverse than its misrepresentations; it’s a study of past cultures, traditions, and norms by looking at artifacts.  …

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What is Sociocultural Anthropology

What is Sociocultural Anthropology? (An Introduction)

We can understand the discipline better when assessing the two branches of study that form it. On one hand, cultural anthropology is applied to learn about ethnographic records that give a holistic view about how culture influences an individual’s experience. It also aims to provide a well-rounded perspective of a society’s customs and knowledge. On …

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