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What is Sociology? Sociology is the study of everyday life with regards to human behavior and interactions. It attempts to understand human society, and through that understanding make it better. It unifies practically all subjects from history and psychology to economics and government. This makes it rather complicated, but also highly fascinating. You’ll find a …

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Psychology Articles The brain is a fascinating and complex organ at the core of our biological existence. It is responsible for the distinct behaviors we take part in as humans, as well as the behaviors of other animals. Because the brain is so complex and not well-understood, the way it affects our behavior can be …

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Geography Articles Unlike the geological and Earth Sciences, geography isn’t solely about the planet. It also looks at the people, animals, events, and other happenings on the land both in the present and throughout time. In fact, geography can even be said to include the study of the entire universe and all its features in …

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What Do Education Articles Look At? Education is more than just a body of knowledge we gain through school, or even the schooling itself. Rather, it is the structured passing down of information already gained by others. It is also the facilitation of discovering new things that can add to this body of knowledge. The …

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Economics Articles Although it has many mathematical aspects, economics is ultimately a social science. It uses math and science to study parts of society, namely the economy and what drives it. This consists of the production and then exchange and distribution of goods and services for money between the various players in the economy. The …

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Anthropology Articles Anthropology studies the roots and behaviors of humankind that make our species unique. From our evolutionary pasts to our modern present; from the individual to the society. Although it doesn’t focus so much on society—sociology takes charge of that area. Anthropology focuses more on other aspects of humans like our physical traits, environmental …

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Outstanding Psychologists

Outstanding Psychologists (10 Phenomenal Careers)

While Sigmund Freud, Ivan Pavlov, and Carl Jung come to mind for many of us in thinking about great psychologists, the field has grown massively in the last century. Psychologists today are able to delve beyond their observations into scientific data that reveals correlations between brain activities and symptoms of various diagnosis. Furthermore, they are …

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Information About Sociology

Information About Sociology (Summary)

The word sociology was coined by a French philosopher by the name Auguste Comte in 1837. Up to that time, the matter of sociology was categorized under philosophy. It comprised of brilliant ideas and literature concerning interpersonal actions, group life, and social organization. Historical Summary of Sociology Greek philosophers, Plato and Aristotle, began a systematic …

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Outstanding Sociologists

Outstanding Sociologists (10 Phenomenal Careers)

Sociology, a part of the social sciences, is the study of humans and their societies. As such an all-encompassing field, it’s hard to imagine that anything insignificant would come forth. In this ever-growing field, there are outstanding sociologists working to further our understanding of society, its development, structures, and functions. Below, a few researchers and …

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Sociology Topics

40 Sociology Topics (Described For You)

Analytical Sociology Simply put, analytical sociology is a strategy used to learn the intricacies of the social world. It is centered around the explanation of important maximum-level factors, part of which includes patterns of segregation, typical beliefs, diffusion of various social practices, and general ways of acting; It details the thought pattern by which social …

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Sociology: History and Branches

Sociology (History and Branches)

Sociology is the scientific study of human social relationships as well as institutions. As a social science, sociology studies human societies in detail, their interactions, along with the processes that change and preserve them. This is done by examining the complex dynamics of various constituent parts of societies like communities, institutions, populations, and racial, gender, …

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Education Journals

Education Journals (Methodologies and Aims)

Keeping up-to-date on important issues within the educational field is a major undertaking. With complex challenges ranging from curricula and funding to testing standards, the choice of what journals to read or to contribute to can be overwhelming. Below you’ll find a quick-reference guide to many well-known and respected publications within the field of education. …

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Archaeological Anthropology

An Introduction to Archaeological Anthropology

The notion that archeology is all about studying old rocks is hilariously inaccurate, but then again, so is the misconception that all archaeological findings are as awesome as dinosaur remains. The reality is that archaeology is far more diverse than its misrepresentations; it’s a study of past cultures, traditions, and norms by looking at artifacts.  …

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What is Sociocultural Anthropology

What is Sociocultural Anthropology? An Introduction

We can understand the discipline better when assessing the two branches of study that form it. On one hand, cultural anthropology is applied to learn about ethnographic records that give a holistic view about how culture influences an individual’s experience. It also aims to provide a well-rounded perspective of a society’s customs and knowledge. On …

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