Calculus 2 (Integration and Infinite Series)


Do you already have Calculus 1 snugly under your belt? If so, you’re ready to expand on integrals and look at infinite series with Calculus 2. Written by a professional with 15 years’ experience, it’s a great resource for independent study, high school AP prep, or supplementing college level courses.

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A Mental Workout

Although many of us might not use calculus in our day to day lives, it has had a profound effect on the world as a whole. It’s crucial for much of the engineering, economics, and science involved in the great advancements of the last century. This means learning it can put you in a position to be a part of this change. But even if that’s not your goal, calculus and advanced mathematics in general provide a workout for your brain. In the same way football players lift weights to get stronger, you can do calculus to strengthen your mind in preparation for other mental activities. Calculus 2 is part of a series of books to introduce you to the field. Through them, you can gain important foundations for any field that interests you.

Calculus 2: What’s Inside

If you’re considering reading Calculus 2, that means you’re already familiar with the basics found in the Calculus 1 book. This includes an introduction to derivatives and integrals, so if you’re not fully comfortable with them then you might want to check out the first book in the series. This book expands on integration in Chapter 1 by showing you its applications. You’ll learn about area between curves, volumes of solids, arc length, and more.

Chapter 2 then teaches you techniques such as integration by parts, trigonometric methods, partial fractions, and improper integrals. The final chapter of Calculus 2 then branches into infinite series. This chapter starts with step-by-step explanations of main theorems covering sequences, series, and convergence. You then learn various tests and approximations, all backed up with exercises to help you put them to use.

Tailored to Students’ Needs

For each topic in the book you’ll find a wide range of examples and exercises including skill-building practice and tests of theoretical understanding. This is one of the areas where this edition of the Calculus 2 book has improved from previous editions. It contains more exercises and examples to help you apply and reinforce the knowledge you’re building.

Although a challenging subject, clear examples with diagrams and step-by-step help make it easier to learn. If you’re learning on your own, it should get you through the main ideas. However, it would be best to use it as an extra resource with other textbooks. It will help clarify the ideas found in Calculus 2, helping you to save time in finding the extra push you need to excel.

College students in undergraduate classes and even advanced high school students studying for AP exams will find this book useful.  If you’re struggling to pass a Calculus 2 class, it can give you that helping hand to get you through. And if you’re breezing through classes, then you can find the extra practice and insights you crave here.


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