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Welcome to the online shop for books and educational materials written by professionals seeking to share their knowledge with others. If you’re pursuing an education, you’re in the right place.

Shop books that change everyone’s world

The Direct Knowledge Bookstore offers a range of products for educators and learners of all types and levels. There are 24 categories of edited books covering levels from intro material for beginners to higher-level problems. They even include material that professionals currently research in their areas. These books are great for anyone just curious about a field, as well as those looking to get directly involved in it.

However, the Direct Knowledge Bookstore selection goes beyond just personal reading material. It includes the ability to shop for workbooks, how-to guides, handbooks, tutorials, and instruction manuals to help you gain real skills and perform tasks. You can also find what you need to help give you a leg up for taking professional exams or completing technical certifications. There are also lecture notes, textbooks, and solution manuals that are key tools for teachers or tutors in any classroom. These give individuals the tools they need to succeed on their own and in their own way, outside of classrooms.

Direct Knowledge specializes its online shop on high quality ebooks and other educational materials to students, educators, and professionals.

These are particularly useful for those on a mission to keep learning after completing formal schooling. We know that doing so can be hard, and that’s why we’re here to help. For instance, the Direct Knowledge Bookstore has monographs, expert discussions, research reports, case-studies, and scientific reports to keep you up to date; all without needing to be part of a university to have access to them. There is also material for those who already know their niche and are looking for unique material in it. Technical material, software documentation, reports, interviews, and conference proceedings all provide unique insights and utility for the serious professional.

Online Learning with Direct Knowledge

When you shop Direct Knowledge, you’re also gaining access to a wonderful online learning community. Every course and book on Direct Knowledge is delivered electronically, allowing you to learn in your own time. Plus, the content on Direct Knowledge goes where you go. By harnessing the flexibility of online learning, Direct Knowledge lets you shop for learning materials that give you freedom to learn at your own pace.

Looking to Grow your Knowledge?

Shop Direct Knowledge and the wide variety of courses and books. Students can grow their knowledge in a new field, or find help for a tough course. Professionals and professors can share their expertise to an audience hungry for learning. Plus, everyone contributes to the Direct Knowledge online community. In addition, members of all backgrounds and educations help our online community stay diverse, informed, and engaged. Not a member? Sign up today, and harness the Direct Knowledge community for your next project!

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