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Each year, more professionals choose self-publishing for their work. Here at Direct Knowledge, experts can create educational content and make it available to the public through our platform. Professionals can self-publish articles, books, and online courses through our site.

Direct Knowledge offers articles in twenty-four different areas of expertise. These twenty-four areas fall under five larger categories of applied sciences, formal sciences, humanities, natural sciences, and social sciences.

Authors can also publish their own e-books through our online bookstore. We currently offer twenty-four categories for books as well. These books are for educational purposes only. You will not find any fictional books in our store.

The third type of self-publication available on Direct Knowledge is online courses. These courses are intended to be supplemental materials for students who are currently studying. Ideally, these courses help students with their university or college courses.

Continue reading below for a more detailed breakdown of the self-publishing options available on Direct Knowledge.

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Self Publishing an Article

Writers publish over 10 million blog posts every day. There is more content available than ever online. However, in most cases there is no guarantee that the author of the article or blog post is an actual expert.

Direct Knowledge is different. In order to publish an article on our site, an author must first create a profile. We will then add them as a user. During this process, we will verify their background to assure that they’re qualified to write on that subject matter. Only professionals are able to self-publish an article through Direct Knowledge.

Benefits of Self-Publishing an Article on Direct Knowledge

There are also benefits to authors to publish articles on our site. Through our online community, professionals have the ability to create classified ads to offer or request services from others. There is a fee to create these ads on our site. However, if a user first publishes an article with us, then the fee will be waived for their classified ad for a year.

Additionally, the articles published on our site are easily accessible by the students who are also part of our educational online community. These articles make up a key part of our learning community.

Self Publishing a Book Young casual man in glasses sitting at table with paper colors palette and using computer in typography office
Young casual man in glasses sitting at table with paper colors palette and using computer in typography office

Self Publishing a Book

The process to self-publish a book through Direct Knowledge is more detailed than it is to publish an article. If you wish to self-publish your book through our site, please follow these steps.

First, you need to join the Direct Knowledge online community. This means creating an account. Make sure your account is complete, so it can be verified.

The next step is to apply to be a vendor. You can complete that step by going to our Vendor Registration Form. Make sure that all of your information is accurate and that you enter all relevant details.

After you’ve created an account, been verified, and have registered as a vendor, then you are ready to make your book available through our store.

What Does a Book Need to be Published on Direct Knowledge?

In addition to authors meeting criteria to be published on our site, the book itself has to meet criteria too. First and foremost, each book will be reviewed by our site prior to being published. We will ensure the quality of the material. Our goal is to ensure that a book available to others through our site meets the highest standards.

For example, any book submitted to our site should be 100% completed. This includes all editing and proofreading. If you are submitting your book to our site, the editing and proofreading work should already be done. We are only considering finished products.

Also, there are technical details with any book that need to be considered. Each book must already have an ISBN. If your book does not have one, Direct Knowledge can provide one to you at a discounted rate. You will need to communicate to us that you require an ISBN through our site.

Additionally, each book must have a U.S. copyright registration. This protects your work and it protects our site. Each author must sign the Direct Knowledge publishing agreement. You must also agree to our terms of service and privacy policy, among other things. Please be sure to read those thoroughly when registering to become a vendor.

For each author, we also ask for a short biography and any institutional affiliation that you have.

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Self Publishing a Course

Professionals can also publish courses through our website. The process is similar to publishing a book with us but with a few differences. Let’s examine the similarities and differences below.

The process begins in much the same way. First, you need to create an account with our site. We want you to join our Direct Knowledge community before you can sell your course in our store. Accounts are only available for professionals. We will review your account when you create it.

After being approved for your account, you will then need to apply to become a vendor. Please use our Vendor Registration Form to complete that process. You will need to include even more detailed information in the vendor registration such as your institutional affiliations and a biography. Assuming you’re approved, your online course will also need to meet certain criteria.

What Does a Course Need to be Published on Direct Knowledge?

We examine the quality of each course submitted to our store prior to making it available for purchase. At this point, we’ve already reviewed your personal background, but we will also review your online course in detail.

For example, did the author successfully edit and proofread the written content? Is the video of good quality? Can a student clearly hear the audio in the lesson? Are all of your files formatted properly? Are any visuals you include, such as graphs or charts, easy to read? These and more are questions we ask when looking over the course content.

Additionally, there are also some legal considerations as well. Submitters must grant Direct Knowledge a license to distribute the work, which must be irrevocable and non-exclusive. Another option is the submitter can certify that the work is available under another license that grants these same rights.

All course creators must agree to the Direct Knowledge terms of service and privacy policy.

Self Publishing Services

Now you understand the processes for publishing different types of content on Direct Knowledge. Let’s examine some of the different components of our online platform and their benefits.

These services can be broken into two parts. The first category is our classified ads system. The second is the online community that makes up the backbone for our entire site. Let’s look at each of these individually.

Classified Ads on Direct Knowledge

On Direct Knowledge, authors can publish a wide variety of materials. We’ve already covered how an author can self-publish articles, books, and courses on our site. Because of the diversity of publication options available, it is common for authors to need assistance in completing their projects. Direct Knowledge facilitates this process through our classified ads system.

By creating a classified ad, a professional can either request or offer services. These ads make the process of collaborating with peers easier than ever. The classified ads fall into 16 categories. The services available in these categories are conversion, data, design, editing, indexing, legal, marketing, miscellaneous, proofreading, reader review, technical review, translation, typesetting, video editing, video production, and writing.

You can read more about all of these classified ads on our Publishing Services page. Using these ads transforms Direct Knowledge into your all-in-one resource for publishing. You can now request services, collaborate, share work, co-author, and even publish in the same place.

These classified ads are so successful because of the overarching online community approach to our site.

Online Community on Direct Knowledge

Direct Knowledge is an educational online community also known as an online learning community. These types of communities are centered around learning and collaboration. For both professionals and students, a successful online community is focused on peer interaction and peer learning.

As a professional looking to publish on Direct Knowledge, your greatest resource is the other professionals on our site. You have access to an online community of peers with similar interests. When someone joins Direct Knowledge, it is with an intentional educational purpose in mind. Unlike other online communities, we have a very specific focus on education. We are intentional with who we allow to join our site and what content we allow to be shared.

We mentioned the classified ads above, but there are also aspects to our online community beyond just our ads. You can develop connections and even create “friends” with other professionals on our site. You can also create groups on our site. In this way, you can join similar minded professionals that are all focused on a common interest. For instance, perhaps you are a mathematician and are interested in keeping up on the best practices in your field. If you were to join a mathematician group, you’d be with others who are very likely to share that sort of content on a regular basis.

So far our discussion has focused mainly on interactions between professionals on our site. And, truly, these interactions cannot be overstated. They are vital to the success of our community. However, we’ve also briefly mentioned that Direct Knowledge has student members. There is a benefit to having students share this online community with professionals that we will explore in greater detail below.

Self Publishing Platforms Speaker lecturing in lecture hall at university Students listening to lecture and making notes
Speaker lecturing in lecture hall at university. Students listening to lecture and making notes.

Self Publishing Platforms

On Direct Knowledge, both students and professionals join together and create an educational online community. There is no other site that is so intentional in creating a shared community between these two groups. Our sole focus is to be educational and informative. The inter-connectivity between professionals and students greatly benefits both groups.

How Does Our Platform Benefit Students?

For students, they have access to quality professionals and experts in a variety of fields. Students could join a chemistry group with other students, but a chemistry professor may also belong to that group. This would give students direct access to a professional that can provide them insight and answer questions that they have. In this way, Direct Knowledge provides the supplemental information to help students be successful in their college or university courses.

Students may also choose to read articles, purchase books, or purchase courses through our online store. As active members of our online community, students could also directly interact with the authors of the publications. Because each author has to be a Direct Knowledge member, students know that the authors can be reached right here on our site. This creates a truly engaged learning environment.

How Does Our Platform Benefit Professionals?

We’ve talked a great deal already about the benefits of self-publishing on this page. You can also read more about self-publishing a book or creating a course elsewhere on our site. What we have not yet discussed is the benefits to professionals specifically due to sharing this online community with students.

First and foremost, for anyone looking to publish their work, you need readers. You need customers. Students come to Direct Knowledge with the intention of learning. They are looking for materials to help them with their education. That means, a student that joins our site is already inclined to read articles or purchase books or courses. The students come here for a reason, to learn. This gives you an audience to market to, for free. Students on Direct Knowledge will have access to all articles for no charge, at all times. Additionally, as part of the online community, they can see any time new books or online courses are made available. That sort of instant marketing would cost a large amount on other sites, and it’s available here for free to professionals.

Student Input for Professionals

Additionally, professionals can benefit from being part of an online community that involves active student engagement. We’ve already mentioned how professionals can actively partner with each other to create new projects. However, it should also be mentioned that professionals can work with students during the publishing process. For instance, an author could ask for a student to read their book or try their online course, for free or significantly discounted, so the student could provide the author with feedback. This sort of student input could make the difference between a wildly successful book or online course and a simply mediocre one. It is a common strategy on many platforms to at first offer an online course for free and use the positive student word of mouth to attract many more paying customers.

After reading about all of the benefits of self-publishing on Direct Knowledge, we hope you’ll join our community. We are looking for dedicated professionals who want to share their educational content with the world. If that is you, please sign up today.

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