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Where professionals are taking self-publishing to the next level​.

We help professionals publish their expertise, advance their careers, and make connections. Publishing articles, books, and courses is our speciality. Direct Knowledge helps professionals publish using community collaboration.

Why Publishing Matters

Publishing is an important part of the professional world. In many ways, publishing is a tangible culmination of your knowledge and work. There are many professions in which publishing helps push a career forward. Some jobs, such as academic teaching positions in higher education, require publication for the job. In most cases, publishing is a wonderful way to get more resume and CV hits, garnish professional relationships with others inside and out of your field, and build a portfolio of your work. By accomplishing these three things, publishing is one of the most versatile forms of professional development you have.

Resume and Curriculum Vitae Content

If you work in any sort of profession, you certainly have a resume. Whether it is active and up to date is another thing, and it’s likely to be something you only work with when looking for a job. For most workers, a resume is a way to explain your experience on paper. In brief overviews, you can highlight experience and work that makes you a qualified candidate for a new position. It’s a staple of the working world, and a good resume gets you far. A Curriculum Vitae (CV) is a more detailed look at your experience. This is where you can rely on longer explanations to dictate how you present yourself. Both documents increase in value thanks to publishing work.

Garnish Professional Relationships

With professional publishing, other professionals are primarily your audience. In any case, this can help develop professional relationships with others in your field. Sharing work through published texts helps you and your peers get to know each other better. If you love writing about anthropology, you may find others who share your passion. It’s a great way to get to know others who work in your area of expertise. Likewise, published works help your information reach those outside your field. An intersection in interests may occur when reading someone’s publications. In this case, you may find someone you might not have crossed paths with in your field. It’s a wonderful way to get to know professionals from all walks of life.

Build a Portfolio

Having a collection of your work in written form can help you in a number of ways. Portfolios allow you to have an organized place for all of your written works. It’s easy to find different projects, as well as certain studies, when they are in a published outlet like Direct Knowledge. Along with a resume or CV, a portfolio can also help you land a new job. Some employers ask to see portfolios of work before they choose you for an interview. In any case, portfolios are a way to quickly introduce your work to others, and share professional knowledge you have accumulated.

How Can Direct Knowledge Help?

Direct Knowledge is a great tool to provide professionals with a place to publish their work. There are numerous benefits to using the Direct Knowledge community, all of which make sharing your expertise easy and efficient.

Publishing We offer students access to scholarly articles without any cost at any time Smart man in casual style using laptop for work in coffee shop

We offer students access to scholarly articles without any cost at any time

Many academic journals subscriptions now cost in excess of $10,000 per year with a few of them reaching $25,000 per year.

Most institutions, even some of the best funded ones, cannot afford access to all academic journals. It is more difficult than ever to get your scholarly article viewed by a large number of students.

Direct Knowledge hosts a wide variety of scholarly articles.

Your articles can be viewed by a large number of people, including students, without any payment barrier. Each article is identified with pertinent information, such as peer-reviewed, technical, educational, informational, and so on.

Publishing online community of professionals who can show you how to publish a book

Direct Knowledge has an online community of professionals who can show you how to publish a book

Most books proposed to traditional publishing companies are denied.

However, self-publishing can be an intimidating and difficult process.

Many self-published authors do not have easy access to peers who are willing to review, edit, and proof-read their work.

Direct Knowledge is filled with experienced professionals that have self-publishing experience in scholarly articles, books, and online courses.

Our online community of experts can help you with your reviewing, editing, and proofreading needs. As a professional, you can offer these services to others as well.

Publishing create online courses Professional digital Mirrorless camera with microphone on the tripod recording video blog of Asian teacher in the classroom

You can create online courses using the design of your choice and with review and feedback from your peers

The needs of every classroom are different.

Yet in many cases, the curriculum-building decisions are made by an outside governing body and applied to a large group of students, such as at the state level.

Instructors frequently are not given freedom to design their courses according to their own preferences and the best-practice recommendations of their peers.

Direct Knowledge puts the freedom of design in your hands.

Our community of professionals offers you reviewing, editing, and proof-reading services, so you can create the online courses you want. Students will have access to the courses that you designed specifically for them.

Publishing Community collaboration allows for experienced peers to review your articles, books, and online courses prior to publication

Community collaboration allows for experienced peers to review your articles, books, and online courses prior to publication

In scientific publishing, greater than 30% of articles submitted are denied before even reaching the peer-review phase, due to poor language.

One of the most important aspects of scholarly publishing is to have peer input, including reviewing and editing prior to submission.

However, many professionals do not have access to peers who have the time necessary to provide them with these services.

Direct Knowledge is designed for professional community collaboration. Through our classified ads, you can seek help from qualified experts to review your articles, books, and online courses prior to publishing them. You can also offer these same services to your peers through the classified system.

Publishing Man holding FAQ message on wooden cube. Frequently Asked Questions
Man holding FAQ message on wooden cube. Frequently Asked Questions

Frequency Asked Questions

What kind of articles can I publish on Direct Knowledge?

Direct Knowledge aims to be a modern place for scholars and professionals to share their work. For that reason, the community can contribute both traditional and non traditional scholarly articles. What constitutes a scholarly article? Well, scholarly articles come from professionals who are qualified to be speaking on a subject. For example, someone with a degree in Journalism is qualified to write a scholarly article on trends in news reporting. That same person, who holds a Journalism degree, would not be qualified to write a scholarly article on human genome projects happening around the world.

Luckily, Direct Knowledge does not require publications to follow the same traditional format of a scholarly journal article. There are a lot of styles with which you can publish your work, including Question and Answer pieces, book reviews, and other dynamic writing styles. The key is making sure you write on the things you know best, and can be supported by some sort of formal degree, training, or professional experience. Scholarly articles are a great way to present information, and you can publish them to Direct Knowledge. Doing so can bolster your professional reach, as well as give you resume and CV boosts.

Can I write a book for my professional development?

Books are a great way to share information. If there is a particular field of study you know inside and out, a book is a great way to culminate that knowledge. There are some necessary steps to writing a book that make the process easier. For most, the process needs to start with an idea. If you know calculus, then writing a book about calculus is a wonderful idea. Once you have your idea, make an outline and start writing the various parts of the book. Revise each section as you go along, and then once again when the first draft is completed.

The great thing about Direct Knowledge is that you can sell your book on the site. As a member of Direct Knowledge, you can share your book with other members, and sell it for those looking to learn. If you have ever wondered how you could get published, wonder no longer! Direct Knowledge is proud to help you get your book published. All books are electronic, and available to those with a Direct Knowledge account. For professional use, a published book is a wonderful way to add a little something to your resume and wheelhouse. If you ever thought about writing your own book, get started now and publish your work to Direct Knowledge!

Can I publish courses on Direct Knowledge?

Many professionals like to share their knowledge in a classroom setting. Luckily, digital classrooms are a growing trend in online learning. There are a lot of ways to learn a new subject, and an online course is a great way to get others engaged in your content. Creating an online course with Direct Knowledge is easy. You can upload your course to the site, and other members can access it. If you have thought about writing a course, then now is a good time to do so. In general, other websites force you to write your course a certain way. Direct Knowledge ensures, as with any published work, that you have a place to share your knowledge. If you love what you do for a living, a course is a good way to share that passion with others.

Courses are a crucial aspect of online learning. If you’re curious about courses on Direct Knowledge, make sure to read all there is to know about this method of publication. For those interested in publishing, a course is a unique way to stand out. It’s also wonderful method with which to get published.

What if I’ve never published my work before?

Publishing work for the first time can seem intimidating. In a lot of ways, it’s a frontier not all try to take on. The process is not as difficult as you might think. If you love what you do, then publishing your work is a great way to share your knowledge. It goes without saying, but publishing work is a vital part of professional development. With online and academic journals, a number of difficult processes make the experience drag. Here at Direct Knowledge, we have a passion for community and learning. Combining those two allow for first time publishers to feel confident throughout the process.

If you feel like a published work could help your career, then you’re in the right place. In many ways, publishing is a service to the online learning community. Providing others with your knowledge helps them grow in their learning. Likewise, you can engage with others’ content and learn yourself. Learning, as we all know, is a lifelong journey. It doesn’t stop when you leave school, or even once you have a job. Making efforts to learn, no matter what stage in life you are in, helps yourself and those around you. Publishing work is a wonderful way to make your contribution. If you know the feeling of a job well done, then you’ll be happy to finish your first published work on Direct Knowledge.

Can I get help with my published work?

Direct Knowledge, as well as its online community are here to help. On the Classifieds section of the website, you will find a number of professionals offering their services to others. In this section, there are a number of different ways you can get help from others, including editing, reviewing, and brainstorming. If you write things for work, then you know how tough it can be when you get stuck. Above all, the Classifieds make the online community at Direct Knowledge even closer.

Likewise, you can offer your services to others as well. This way, everyone can assist one another in getting more published works finished.

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