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Direct Knowledge offers publishing services for professionals at all stages of the creation process. Whether you are in the middle of your project, need some finishing touches, or are looking for a partner to get started, we have classified ads to meet your needs.

Direct Knowledge is a platform that allows professionals to connect with each other. Our online community allows for the easy exchange of services. Our site facilitates these partnerships through the use of classified ads. These ads cover a total of sixteen different types of services. You can find professionals from all around the world to collaborate with.

Many professionals choose to publish through Direct Knowledge. Our site allows for the publication of articles, books, and online courses. We are a true “one stop shop.” You can find partners, request services, work together, and then publish all in one place. Direct Knowledge is truly unique in this way. With easy access to so many professionals, you will be able to get quality feedback about your project.

Because our site allows for the publication of books, articles, and online courses, services for those are the most commonly requested. However, we do not limit your choices to only those. For example, you may need to create a quality conference presentation that’s a combination of a slideshow, videos, sounds, and data tables. You can request services to complete that presentation here.

Three Categories of Classified Ads for Publishing Services on Direct Knowledge

Many of the publishing services requested on Direct Knowledge can take place during multiple stages of the publication process. However, for your convenience, our publishing services have been broken into three categories below:

Publishing Services

While Creating Your Publication

Publishing Services Classifieds

After Completing Your Publication

At Any Time For Your Publication

You can read below for detailed descriptions of all of the types of classified ads for publishing services available on Direct Knowledge.

Publishing Services Available While Creating Your Project

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Data Services

Data services on Direct Knowledge relate to how data is presented in your publication. These services do not include conducting research and compiling that data. Specifically, these services are for how the data look inside of your publication.

Many professionals find it very difficult to present data in a way that is easily understood by the reader. That is why Direct Knowledge has classified ads to request or offer these services. Working with a professional that has successfully presented data throughout their career is one of the best ways to ensure your own publication success. You can use these services to prepare any type of publication, such as an e-book, journal article, or even an online course.

Some of the most common types of ways to display data are through charts, tables, or graphs. As someone who has conducted and compiled data, you can understand the difficulty of choosing how to best display your results. Rely on a professional in order to put your best foot forward.

Data Services on Direct Knowledge

Perhaps you have a conference presentation coming up, but you’re not sure how to display your data in a way that will be understood by a large audience. Maybe you’re designing an online course for the very first time, and you’re just not sure how students prefer to consume data. If you’re having these or similar issues, you can request assistance through our classified ads.

On the other hand, maybe you’re a seasoned data professional. It could be that you’ve successfully handled data for decades. If so, Direct Knowledge allows you to offer your services to our online community.

You can either request or offer Data Services through our classified ads. We offer ads for many different publishing services.

Design Services

Design Services

Design services provide a professional look for any publication or project. These services primarily focus on written documents but are not limited to them. For instance, design services can greatly help when creating an online course.

Let’s look at an example. It could be that you’ve written out all of the text for your book. You’ve finished all the writing, the editing, proofreading, and you even have usable data to display. However, how do you present that in a way that’s appealing to the audience. Text alone is not visually stimulating for readers. Your design matters. Having sufficient graphics and pictures can go a long way to creating a successful publication.

Some of the most common design services offered through Direct Knowledge are graphics, artwork, cover design, and interior design. However, any type of design services that you need can be requested through our classified ads.

Design Services on Direct Knowledge

If you are a professional in need of design assistance, you can request that help here through our classified ads. Our online community has professionals with many different areas of expertise. On the other hand, you typically only have expertise in one or just a few areas. It is not often the case that someone is an expert in both their content area and design. For this reason, you may find yourself in need of someone to help you with designing your publication.

Meanwhile, you might be a professional with a long and successful history of designing publications. If you are a design professional, you can offer your services on Direct Knowledge. Our community allows for professional to collaborate and exchange their services. You can find classified ads to offer or request Design Services here.

Editing Services

Editing Services

Editing services allow for a professional to thoroughly review the work of another prior to submission or publication. On Direct Knowledge, many professionals are looking to create courses or write articles and books. These services look through the document at a fundamental level and allow the author to revise and rewrite in a way that will better communicate with the reader.

If you are planning to self-publish a book, it is crucial to arrange for a reliable service to edit your book. Having an objective individual, such as a book editor, to edit your book is a great way to produce outstanding work. A fresh perspective allows the editor to identify problems you might have overlooked or disregarded. They will also address the issues you have identified and with which you have struggled. Hiring a professional editor saves you the frustration and hassle of revising your work alone.

All books need editing, yet editing yourself is almost impossible. And even bestselling authors, would never dream of attempting it. Hiring a qualified and experienced book editor is usually one of the best investments you can make for your manuscript or book and your publishing career. Regardless of where you are in your writing career, self-editing cannot replace working with excellent editors. The editorial quality of the work matters regardless of how big or small your audience is.

Editing Services on Direct Knowledge

Our online community allows professionals to request or offer editing services. On our site, you can find professionals with many different academic backgrounds and areas of expertise. Working with these professionals allows you to find someone that can edit your work that conveys the message that you want to convey.

You might be someone with a track record of success in editing documents. If you have a great eye for detail, you can be one of the professionals offering their services through our site.

Classified ads for Editing Services can be found here on Direct Knowledge. Our site contains ads for a myriad of publishing services.

Indexing Services

Indexing Services

Indexing allows professionals to create a sensible order for their publication. You can use an index to highlight the cross-references and topics for your project. Lengthy and/or technical publications require a system of organization. This system is provided by a well designed index.

Professionals most commonly need indexes for books. But they do not have to be limited to them. You may find it useful to have an index created for a long article or a technical manual. Organization is key when writing. These services will allow you to put your best foot forward by having an orderly system that is easy for the reader to follow and understand.

Indexing Services on Direct Knowledge

Direct Knowledge allows professionals to request or offer indexing services. For instance, maybe you have written a very long book on chemistry. All of the information and data is there, but how should your book be structured? How can you highlight all of the different topics you cover? What is the best way to reference and cross-reference all of the material? You can use our online community to request these services from another professional.

Are you someone for whom organization is a key aspect of everything you do? Do you find yourself thinking three steps ahead when writing something to ensure that everything will eventually come together? Have you successfully created indexes for yourself and other colleagues? If so, you can use Direct Knowledge to offer these services to your peers online. Professionals are in need of quality indexes. Help them by demonstrating your expertise in this area through a classified ad.

You can create classified ads for Indexing Services on our site. Use these ads to offer or request services.

Proofreading Services

Proofreading Services

Proofreading inspects final drafts of letters, articles, research papers, contractual agreements, reports and more. Submissions are reviewed to correct any typographical mistakes, spelling or grammar errors. In addition, they verify that citations and references comply with the appropriate style. Quality proofreading services offer a complete and finalized overview of a document. As a result, a final copy that is ready for submission or publishing is delivered.

Proofreading shouldn’t be confused with the editing process, as the two are very different. It is performed after the editing phase, and the approach is less aggressive. Proofreading takes an overall view of documents to visualize the big picture from the reader’s perspective. The primary focus of a proofreader is to examine surface issues. The overall objective is to make the necessary corrections. This ensures quality readability of the final document.

Proofreading Services on Direct Knowledge

Direct Knowledge provides a platform where professionals can request or offer proofreading services. Through our classified ads, professionals connect with each other to ensure quality proofreading is completed.

If you have a document that needs a final review, request that service here. Perhaps you are not sure about the clarity of your document. Are you concerned that the document is not easily understood by the reader? It is common to have these concerns and they can be addressed by professional proofreaders through our site.

Direct Knowledge offers a variety of publishing services. You can request Proofreading Services here.

Technical Review Services

Technical Review Services

Technical review services allow professionals to work together to ensure that the technical aspects of a publication are correct. These services focus on matters such as if the math calculations in a document are correct. These services differ greatly from other review services, such as reader review. A reader review would be a service offered where a professional creates a review of a document for the author to share to potential readers.

These services focus on the accuracy of your document. When writing in specific content area, you need to be absolutely certain of the information you are including. For instance, if you’re writing a book about computer programming and are including lines of code, those lines have to be completely accurate. In the same way that it is best to request an editor, it is often necessary to request help for a technical review. When writing, our brain tends to gloss over information and fill in the blanks. This can cause us to miss errors that another person would notice.

In all areas of content expertise, a technical review is a necessity for publication success. It will ensure the quality of work in your project.

Technical Review Services on Direct Knowledge

A group of experts make up the online community on Direct Knowledge. This allows for professionals to connect with their peers who are requesting or offering these services.

It may be that you’ve only just started your writing or that you have it mostly finished. In either case, you can request technical review services through our site. On the other hand, perhaps you’re someone with a great deal of expertise in a technical area, i.e. calculus, microbiology, cyber-security, etc. If so, you can offer your assistance to those who need the technical aspects of their document reviewed.

No matter if you are looking to offer or review Technical Review Services, you can do so through Direct Knowledge. Please access our global community in order to collaborate with world-class peers.

Typesetting Services

Typesetting Services

Typesetting is how text is set onto a page. In its most basic form, this process arranges how the text will be set and will appear to the reader. Typesetting services provide an opportunity for a professional to help another professional set their text on the pages of their document.

The act of typesetting is important because it helps to create a positive experience for the reader. Along with design services, typesetting has a dramatic impact on how the reader consumes the content. In fact, a poorly typeset document often receives lower marks for the quality of content than a document with great typesetting, even if they both contain the same exact content.

Typesetting is usually done through specific software. Some of the most common programs are LaTeX, Adobe InDesign, or Microsoft Word. However, there are other programs available.

Typesetting Services on Direct Knowledge

Through our classified ads, professionals can offer or request typesetting services. For instance, if you have notes that you need typeset into LaTeX, you can request that service here. Typesetting is a necessity for larger technical works. Be sure that you find the best professionals by collaborating through Direct Knowledge.

Our site also consists of professionals with years of experience typesetting documents. You can find professionals that are willing to offer their services to assist you. In fact, you may be one of those professionals yourself. If you have a demonstrated history of success of typesetting documents, offer your services here on Direct Knowledge. Create a classified ad.

Direct Knowledge has classified ads for both requesting or offering Typesetting Services.

Video Editing Services

Video Editing Services

Video editing services allow for a finished video product. Editing transforms raw video footage into something that is ready to be consumed by the viewer. Many times, capturing video for a project is completed first. But upon closer examination, that video is not ready to be used in a project. Simply recording a video and directly inputting into your online course or presentation is not often the best idea.

Perhaps you have video footage of a particular event that has already transpired. However, you need that to be edited into a short four minute promotional video for next year’s conference. Another example of video editing could be if you have footage of an experiment that you’ve done. You need that footage cut down to only a certain length to fit into your online course.

Some of the most common video editing services are things like transitions between scenes, adding graphics or creating sound effects. You can request any type of video editing services here on Direct Knowledge. But keep in mind, these are not for comprehensive video production services. If you already have footage that you simply need finalized, request that here. These services are not for those looking to film or produce video.

Video Editing Services on Direct Knowledge

Direct Knowledge offers two types of classified ads. These ads are for professionals to offer or request video editing services. If you have raw footage that you need refined, please make that request through our classified ads. If you would like to offer your video editing services, you can also do that through our ads.

To request or offer Video Editing Services, please view our classified ads here.

Video Production Services

Video Production Services

Video production services include the entire process from conception of a video through to its final form. You can truly consider this to be the entire process for producing or creating a video. Video production is a very broad area. In fact, you can have several areas of expertise housed within the umbrella of video production. For example, someone can be an expert in filming, narrating, producing, script-writing, or any combination of these.

Video production services differ from video editing services in that they can take place at any time in the video process. Video editing is only performed after you’ve already captured the video footage. Production includes any step in the video process. Any video services can fall under this category. But if you are only requesting or offering video editing services, then those should both use a video editing services classified ad.

Video Production Services on Direct Knowledge

Through our online community, professionals can request video production services. We allow users to create classified ads requesting or offering their services. Do you have content from a publication but don’t think that will sound great in video format? Then you may need to request script-writing services. Maybe you do not have a high quality camera or are not able to adequately record sound for your project. Use a classified ad to request production assistance. Do you need someone with a voice better suited for video? Someone with a strong and clear voice? If so, ask for narration assistance for your project.

It may be that throughout your career, you have developed video production skills. Perhaps you’ve worked for years in media. Or it could be that you’ve simply created video for your own academic projects over the last two decades. Whatever the case may be, you can offer your services to other professionals here on Direct Knowledge. Create a classified ad and demonstrate to potential clients why you’re the right choice for them to hire.

Classified ads can be created on Direct Knowledge to request or offer Video Production Services. Use these ads to connect with other professionals that are members of our growing online community.

Writing Services

Writing Services

Writing services are for peers to work together on a publication. These services encompass all forms of writing collaboration among professionals. Some of the most common uses for writing services are jointly creating online courses, co-authoring a book or a journal article, or even writing a chapter for someone else’s book. There is no hard list however. Anything that involves collaborative writing would fall under this broad category of writing services.

Writing services on Direct Knowledge are not similar to writing services on many other sites. You will not find the ability to have someone write something for you and then you put your name on it. That is not the purpose for these services. If you write something, we will display your name as the author. Our services differ greatly from other sites that focus on writing student essays. You will not find those services here.

Instead, these services focus on partnership. Work together to create something new that can be jointly presented.

Writing Services on Direct Knowledge

Do you know a lot about a specific area and want to build an online course, but don’t know where or how to get started? You can create a classified ad to request service from a peer with experience building courses online. Maybe what you need is as simple as someone to write a chapter in a book you’re editing? You can do that too. Or it could be that you want someone to partner with for the next year or two and co-author a book. Perhaps this book will be a new entry in your field bringing together two different disciplines in an original way. Create an ad here on Direct Knowledge to find the partner for which you’ve been searching.

Do you have knowledge you’d like to share with the academic world? Are you a content expert looking for an opportunity to work with someone in another discipline? You should create an ad on Direct Knowledge to offer these and other writing services. Your ad can highlight to your peers on our site the background and expertise that you have. Show others why you would be a great choice as a co-author. Highlight past writing success that you’ve had. You may just find someone you enjoy working with for the rest of your career.

Request or offer Writing Services through our classified ads here on Direct Knowledge.

Publishing Services Available After Your Project is Completed

Conversion Services

Conversion Services

Conversion is the process of changing a file type for a document. Through conversion, you can change file type of a document to another type. For instance, many professionals write their books in a standard word processing program like Microsoft Word. However, they may need to convert their file into an e-book before self-publishing. Conversion services combine manual and automated techniques to complete the process.

These services are not simple or easy. If you simply use an online file conversion tool, you can have a great number of difficulties. For example, formatting or indexing issues can and probably will arise. Having knowledge of specific software is key to understanding the conversion process. You also need to have in-depth knowledge of other areas of the publication process.

Some of the standard file types included in conversion services are e-book, PDF, Microsoft Word, Apple Pages, and HTML. Conversion services are not limited to only these file types.

Conversion Services on Direct Knowledge

Professionals can request or offer conversion services through our classified ads. Direct Knowledge has an online community of experts that are looking to collaborate.

Have you received information in a PDF format but you need to be able to quickly and easily edit that information in Microsoft Word? Did you type up an entire book in Apple Pages but need it converted into a popular e-book format, such as EPUB? Create a classified ad to request these conversion services.

Are you a technical wizard? Do you excel at understanding the differences between common file types? Maybe you’re simply an expert in all file formats used for self-publication. If so, use Direct Knowledge’s classified ads to offer these services to other professionals in need.

Connect with our online community to offer or request your Conversion Services through our classified ads. You will find an opportunity to create an ad for any publishing services needed by professionals.

Marketing Services

Marketing Services

Marketing services are to advertise something that you’ve written. The focus of marketing services on Direct Knowledge are to help you bring attention to your publication. Marketing can be done for any type of publication, including but not limited to, e-books, physical books, magazine and journal articles, or online courses.

Marketing services allow you to drive traffic to the content you’ve created. Many professionals publish their content through Direct Knowledge. In one sense, you already have marketing built into our platform. Everyone who belongs to the Direct Knowledge community can already see the content you publish through our site.

At the same time, you may need to market your publication for an even greater reach. Some of the most common marketing services are appearing in someone’s blog, being promoted by a professional at a conference, building links (white hat only), or even marketing through social media. Marketing services encompass any efforts to bring attention to the work that you’ve created.

Marketing Services on Direct Knowledge

The online community available through Direct Knowledge allows for professional collaboration. Requesting marketing services for your publication has never been easier. Our site lets you create your content and then request services to market that content in the very same place.

Perhaps you need to find students to take your newly created online course. Maybe you have published an article, and you would like someone to promote that article at an upcoming conference. You can request these and many other services through our classified ads.

As someone who is looking to offer your services, you can also create a classified ad. Maybe your area of expertise is in marketing. Instead, it might be the case that you don’t have a background in marketing, but you have a website with high volume where you’re looking to highlight professional publications. It could even be as simple as you are planning to attend a conference and are willing to include someone’s article in your presentation. For these reasons and more, you can create an ad on Direct Knowledge.

Marketing Services classified ads are available for experts to create to offer or request services as part of the publishing services we offer to professionals.

Reader Review Services

Reader Review Services

Reader reviews are professional reviews of a publication. These reviews are created by an expert in the field about an already published piece of work. The author of the publication will then use these reviews to attract more readers. The reviews are often placed on the author’s website or even on the cover of a book.

Reader review services allow for professionals to request or offer reviews to share with potential readers of the work. These reviews are instrumental in creating interest for a publication. Also, a reader review from an established professional in a field lends a tremendous amount of authority to any work.

Professionals frequently request these reviews for works like books, journal articles, and online courses. However, a reader review could be available for any type of written work.

Reader Review Services on Direct Knowledge

Direct Knowledge is the premiere site focused on academic content collaboration between professionals. Through our online community, you have access to professionals with diverse backgrounds and areas of expertise.

If you have a work that you need reviewed, then create a classified ad. This will provide you with a review that you can feel confident sharing with potential readers. Use this review for marketing purposes to increase interest and awareness for your publication.

As a professional, you can also offer your reader review services to others. Perhaps you’ve read and reviewed a tremendous amount of publications in your field. If that’s the case, you have an immense grasp of what the current best practices are in your field. You can offer a genuine perspective of how a work fits into the larger picture of your discipline. Use your expertise to create an ad offering your reader review services.

Reader Review Services are offered and requested by professionals right here on Direct Knowledge as part of the full suite of publishing services for professionals.

Translation Services

Translation Services

Translation services offer writers the opportunity to publish their work in multiple languages. Professionals can collaborate on a written document and translate that document into other languages. These services are available for entire documents or for selected passages, depending on the need of the author.

In addition, these services are not limited to the English language. Even though the content on Direct Knowledge is focused on the English speaking audience, all languages can be included in these translation services. Some common publications that require translation are books, articles or even online courses. The size of projects for translation can range from a short snippet to include in an article to a full online course. There are no limits to the possibilities for translation.

Translation Services on Direct Knowledge

As authors publish their work, they begin to realize the limitations of their intended audience. In an increasingly global world, more people than ever have access to content. However, this also means that the audience is incredibly diverse. All of the most successful authors in the world publish their works in multiple languages. In fact, one could argue that the number of languages of a publication are a measure of how successful that work is.

If you’ve written a book in English and would like it translated into Spanish, request that here on Direct Knowledge. Maybe you’ve created an online course about technology in French and now need that course available in Mandarin Chinese. You can create a classified ad requesting exactly that translation. When designing your ad, you have the ability to structure your request for any combination of languages.

Similarly, professionals can offer their translation services to others. If you are fluent in more than one language, then create a classified ad on Direct Knowledge letting others know. Create your ad to highlight your languages as well as areas of expertise.

You can find classified ads for Translation Services here on Direct Knowledge. Our site offers many publishing services for professionals.

Publishing Services Available At Any Time During or After Project Creation

Legal Services

Legal Services

Legal services can encompass a few different areas, but one of the most common is copyright registration. When you register something for copyright, a legal record exists for ownership rights. U.S. Copyright Registration protects your work from intellectual theft, as well as reproduction and copying of content likeness. It may be easy for a court to see something was yours first if you publish it before a competitor. What happens, however, when you have not yet published that work? A saved file has a harder time standing up in court in comparison to U.S. Copyright Registration.

With a copyright, authors have peace of mind for their work. You have your copyright over your content, but the federal government also keeps track of intellectual property. When you register your copyright with the U.S. Copyright Registration, your work and its ownership enter public record. This record entitles you to protections, including any attempts at theft that may occur.

A federal copyright ensures your work will be protected under every aspect of the law. For that reason, obtaining a registered copyright is crucial to total security over intellectual property. Right now, it might be unimaginable to experience theft of your written work. Nevertheless, it does happen. To protect yourself fully, a copyright registration is the best way to protect your work.

As soon as your ideas are written, they are yours. That being said, if you plan on publishing your work, you must register with the U.S. Copyright Registration 3 months before publication. If publication is not near, but you still wish to register a copyright for your content, the process is still applicable. In this case, any registration would need to occur before your work is infringed upon.

Legal Services on Direct Knowledge

In addition to the copyright registration mentioned above, there are other legal services that can be requested or provided on Direct Knowledge. Other common services are ISBN, trademark and enforcing copyright.

Our site allows professionals to request or offer these publishing services to each other. You can find classified ads for Legal Services here.

Miscellaneous Services

Miscellaneous Services

Miscellaneous services are perhaps the hardest services to define but the easiest ones to understand. They consist of all services that are not included in the other fifteen categories of classified ads. If your type of service can be solely defined within another ad category, then please create your ad accordingly. However, if it cannot then use this catch-all category.

What are some examples of miscellaneous services? Perhaps you need help using a very specific mathematics software in order to create material for your publication. It may be that you need someone to work with you throughout the entire process of creating your publication, including idea generating, researching, outlining, etc. Maybe you need a combination of services from the different categories up above. Ads for blended services would also fall under miscellaneous.

Miscellaneous Services on Direct Knowledge

Due to the diverse nature of professionals on Direct Knowledge, the sky is the limit when creating an ad to request services. You can request any type or combination of services using a miscellaneous classified ad. Do you need someone to conduct research on a sensitive or classified subject? Make an ad here on Direct Knowledge. Maybe you have questions about joining a specific professional organization board. Indicate in a classified ad that you’re looking for someone to help guide you through that process.

If you’re trying to create a classified ad to offer miscellaneous services, then you will need to be as specific as possible. Because of the nebulous nature of this category, you will need to write out exactly what you’re offering. Be direct and concise. Do you have something that is very unique to offer other professionals? Does it not belong in any one category for other ads? If so, then create your classified here to offer your services.

Direct Knowledge has classified ads for publishing services needed for professionals, including Miscellaneous Services.

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