Principles of Financial Accounting (Full Book Review)

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Need to learn accounting concepts in a pinch? Principles of Financial Accounting can help. The textbook is a go-to guide for students and teachers alike. With hands-on exercises and over 100 visuals, readers will be punching numbers like a pro in no time.

Principles of Financial Accounting

Principles of Financial Accounting explains the necessary processes for practicing accounting in today’s world. This handy, educational tool breaks down the principles for beginners and experienced accountants alike. Readers will learn about accounts and balances, assets and liabilities, equations, and statements, among other important accounting topics. First, the book introduces key concepts and briefly distinguishes between accounting cycles for merchandising and service sectors. The book then dives into detail on assets, liabilities and stockholders’ equity. In conclusion, the final chapter outlines capstone experiences with cash flow.

Readers will engage with relevant examples in every chapter. Principles of Financial Accounting integrates graphs, charts, and equations, which break up the text and make material easily digestible. Professionals have reviewed these exercises to ensure their effectiveness. In addition, students have tested them. The examples are also available on Excel for more hands-on learning. Plus, Principles of Financial Accounting gives descriptions of several professions in accounting. Finally, an “Accounts Summary Table” rounds out the comprehensive text, serving as a sort-of “cheat sheet.” It lists types of accounts, what they are used for and how to handle them in a nutshell, all of which are explained more thoroughly within the meat of the textbook. The table is a great tool for those who may not want to flip through all the pages after reading and need a quick reference.

About the Author of Principles of Financial Accounting

Dr. Christine Jonick, Ed.D., wrote Principles of Financial Accounting with her own students in mind. She teaches accounting in the Mike Cottrell College of Business at University of North Georgia, where she has worked for more than 25 years. She is also president of the Georgia Association of Accounting Educators, and she is dedicated to spreading effective learning materials on the subject. The University of Georgia recognized Dr. Jonick with the Excellence in Online Teaching Award in 2016.

Publisher: University of North Georgia Press
License: Attribution-ShareAlike 

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