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Types of Journalism Microphone in focus against blurred camera operators and journalists News conference

Types of Journalism (Which Is Right for You?)

Different variations and types of journalism cover an array of topics and subjects. The key to becoming an excellent journalist is working with as many fields as possible. Many find it beneficial to work on several types of journalism before finding their niche. Discover these many variations of journalism to understand the profession better. Plus, find out the secrets of the career.

Top Journalism Schools Around the World

Top Journalism Schools Around the World

Attending one of the world’s top journalism schools can set up professionals for a successful career. In a top program, students access the best classes and professors to increase their knowledge. Please read about the various places around the globe that offer the most to their journalism students. Plus, find out what makes a great journalism program and earns colleges high credibility.

Journalist Salary Typewriter printing dollars, make money concept

Journalist Salary (Factors Involved)

A journalist’s salary is usually a private matter that many don’t share with others. Depending on the role and seniority of a profession, pay rates can range significantly. For those looking to enter the business, knowing the salary expectations help build an understanding of the industry. Read about things that go into pay rates in the journalism industry.

Journalism in the Age of Social Media

Modern Journalism in the Digital Age

A modern journalist has to work towards providing constant information to digital audiences. The traditions of the industry are still present but more instantaneous. The best way to make the most of modern journalism is to learn what makes the industry significant. Read about contemporary changes to the profession. Plus, find out what readers and journalists alike look for in modern practices.

Journalism Myths Unveiling the Truth A press photographer takes photos with a professional camera

Journalism Myths (Unveiling the Truth)

Journalism contains many misconceptions regarding how reporting and news writing work. To find out the truth, take time to read about the scope of journalism. Find out what reporters do daily to provide the public with news and information. Plus, take time to review the ways that journalists help the public stay informed.

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What is Journalism? (Modern Developments)

Journalism is a critical industry in a democratic society. Without journalists to provide objective reporting to the public, several vital issues would occur in the governance of free people. Everything from politics and pop culture runs on journalistic reporting. The industry is essential and requires quite a strenuous learning process. Find out what goes into this profession and why it is vital.

Becoming a Journalist Training neuroscience development concept as a group of cog wheels and gears shaped as human heads with information transfer as a technology success

Becoming a Journalist (Important Steps)

Journalists are some of the most dedicated professionals who work in the form of public service. Becoming a journalist takes a balance of education and experience in the field. The process can take years before someone finds great success. Still, many students study to become a journalist each year. Find out why this profession is so vital and how to get started.

Important Qualities of a Journalist

Important Qualities of a Journalist

Journalists are professionals who follow a strict code of rules and regulations. Those expectations changed over time, but the idea behind the career field is a dedication to truth and access to information. Find out what qualities are vital to working as a journalist. Take a look at the history of journalistic values and why these morals help guide the profession even today.

Current Events in Journalism Newspaper and cup of coffee on wood table

Current Events in Journalism

Journalism impacts society in ways that are well-known as well as harder to recognize. The fact that the internet is preventing people from finding factual news puts an even higher impact on this industry. Reporters play a crucial role in keeping institutions and governments in check. Read about current events in journalism here, and explore the study of news reporting.

Current Events in Computer Science

Current Events in Computer Science

Computer science is an expanding field of study that involves several technological considerations. There are so many studies and research projects contributing to daily life each day. From work on supercomputers to mobile phones, find out how current events in computer science impact the world each day. Plus, explore the subject further in a meaningful way.

Outstanding Computer Scientists Female robot touching the words machine learning on a hexagon grid with a education background and smart machines

Outstanding Computer Scientists (10 Unique Careers)

As vital members of the modern tech-based world, computer scientists design the programs and software we rely on daily. Perhaps you open Facebook once or twice daily. Maybe you use Google for research. Even if you simply own a computer-based device, you are familiar in some way with this field and the people who have … Read More

Computer Science History

Computer Science History (and Branches)

Computer science is the study of the scientific approach to computation. It encompasses theoretical and practical study of the structure and automation of algorithms that underpin the representation, storage, and retrieval of information. Computer science also includes the design of computational systems. This topic is the elementary introduction to computer science or information that all … Read More

Applications For Artificial Intelligence arrangement of head of wire mesh human model and fractal patters suitable for projects on artificial intelligence, science and technology

Applications For Artificial Intelligence

The 2004 reboot of the classic television show Battlestar Galactica explored a crucial aspect of what it means to be human. If machines can think and learn for themselves, then what differentiates us from them? It’s hard to decide where the line is drawn. So, are we to consider smart supercomputers to be human? No. … Read More

What is Computer Science Design composed of CPU graphic and abstract design elements as a metaphor on the subject of digital equipment

What is Computer Science? (Historical Summary)

What is Computer Science? Computer science, in simple terms, is the study of computers, computer technology and computational systems. It includes both software and hardware. Unlike computer and electrical engineers, computer scientists mostly deal with software as well as software systems; and this includes their design, theory, development, and application. Curious about what is computer … Read More

Building Blocks of Data Science Algorithm, flowchart 3D rendering isolated on white background

Building Blocks of Data Science

Data science has been around for a while, but today it’s really starting to grow into a vital part of industry and business. It consists of a number of skills and activities that take sets of numbers (data) and turn them into something useful. The numbers communicate the performance of a company or product, and … Read More

Data in the Modern World

Data in the Modern World (Summary)

Unless you’ve been cloistered in a medieval monastery for the past decades, you know that data science is an important emerging field of study. It is driven by our increasing ability to process data and the proliferation of the ways we use it. Data itself has even been referred to as our most precious commodity … Read More

Outstanding Civil Engineers Close-up Of A Businesswoman Drawing Blueprint At Office Desk

Outstanding Civil Engineers (10 Phenomenal Careers)

Civil engineers design our streets, buildings, transportation hubs, water supply structures, and sewage treatment plans. Outstanding civil engineers are in high demand with a projected growth of up to 20 percent by 2022. Learn about these outstanding civil engineers and draw inspiration from their accomplishments.

Current Events in Civil Engineering Unrecognizable male scientist is plugging a microscopy app into a brain study interface. Science concept for biosciences, molecular engineering, bioengineering, pharmacogenomics, pharmacogenetics.

Current Events in Civil Engineering

Civil engineers create our streets, buildings, transportation hubs, water supply structures, and sewage treatment plans. Overall, the job is one of the most technical and highly skilled in the world. Civil engineering is a rapidly growing, with new developments and discoveries in innovative construction technology occurring every day. From self-healing concrete to industrial exoskeletons, learn more about these current events in civil engineering.

What is Civil Engineering Several building under construction using cranes in a crowded busy city.

What is Civil Engineering? (Summary)

When we’ve heard a phrase over and over in our lives, it can sometimes go in one ear and out the other without us realizing what it really means. Civil engineering might be one of those phrases, especially for young adults looking into college degrees. If we break down the term, we find the word … Read More

Extreme Value Theorem Finding Extrema

Extreme Value Theorem (Finding Extrema)

Relative and absolute extrema are studied. Finding a function’s critical numbers and using the derivative of the function to understanding its behavior is the crucial step in finding relative and absolute extrema. We illustrate these ideas with several examples. Relative Extreme Values If a function is defined on an open interval and if at some … Read More

Derivatives of Inverse Functions

Derivatives of Inverse Functions

We discuss the Implicit Function Theorem and demonstrate its importance through examples. We derive differentiation formulas for exponential, logarithmic, and inverse trigonometric functions. Derivatives of Inverse Functions In this section we state the derivative rules for the natural exponential function and the general exponential function. We also go over several examples of the chain rule … Read More

Implicit Differentiation as a Procedure example graph showing the tangent line found using Implicit Differentiation

Implicit Differentiation (and Logarithmic Differentiation)

The procedure of implicit differentiation is outlined and many examples are given. Proofs of the derivative formulas for the inverse trigonometric functions are provided and several examples of using them are given. Also detailed is the logarithmic differentiation procedure which can simplify the process of taking derivatives of equations involving products and quotients. Implicit Differentiation … Read More

Derivative Examples The Role of the Derivative falling through the sky

Derivative Examples (The Role of the Derivative)

We discuss the difference between average rate of change and instantaneous rate of change. We work through several examples demonstrating how the derivative can be used in understanding the motion of objects in the macro world. Average Rate of Change In general, suppose an object moves along a straight line according to an equation of … Read More