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Earth Sciences Articles - Earth at night was holding in human hands Earth day Energy saving concept, Elements of this image furnished by NASA

Earth Sciences

Articles in the Earth Sciences The Earth Science category explores the physical characteristics of planet Earth, including processes in, on, and around the planet and how they affect us over time. But, the term Earth Science might be a tad misleading; because the Earth is in fact a planet, Earth Science can also involve the …

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Environmental Science

Environmental Science; Modern Fundamentals

What are the Environmental Sciences? In a nutshell, Environmental Science is the study of the past, present, and potential future environmental conditions on Earth. In this context, “environment” refers to the natural world, primarily the biosphere and atmosphere of our planet. I.e., our personal environment that we depend on for survival. So, Environmental Science involves …

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Outstanding Earth Scientists

Outstanding Earth Scientists (10 Phenomenal Careers)

Earth science studies structure, composition, and history of the planet. Since most human activities are in direct interaction with Earth, this area of study is extremely important. Without it, we would not have strong understandings of climate change, sustainability needs, and both the basic and complex functions of the planet. Take a look at the …

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