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  • Megan Matheney is a professional technical writer specializing in material relating to Earth sciences, environmental economics, and developmental economics. Megan has a B.S. in Geophysics from the University of Texas at Austin. She also holds an M.S. in Environment and Sustainable Development from the University of Glasgow. She is motivated by her desire to learn and help those around her.

A lot of professionals specialize in one or two subjects, and some take it upon themselves to master many areas. Although Megan Matheney contributes articles that focus on science and economics, she has an eclectic mix of qualifications in various fields. Like many successful contributors, every professional experience or position helped her to develop a keen sense of critical thinking. With a passion for learning and a wide variety of interests, her insights are valuable for those seeking to take on a new subject.

Megan Matheney is a professional technical writer specializing in material relating to Earth sciences, environmental economics, and developmental economics. Her wide range of expertise and experiences helped prepare her for a career across several different industries. She is motivated by her desire to learn more and help those around her do the same.

Her range of knowledge comes from a B.S. in Geophysics from the University of Texas at Austin. She also holds an M.S. in Environment and Sustainable Development from the University of Glasgow. In addition to writing, Megan has worked in the government sector for the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality. Currently, she lives in Mexico City, where you can follow and contact her online for writing. But how did Megan Matheney get into this lifestyle?

Where It All Started for Megan

The story starts years ago with a trip to the Philippines at the age of 12. Megan Matheney had followed her uncle and soon-to-be aunt for their wedding in Manila. It was the first time Megan ever left the United States and came into contact with an entirely new place. It left a lasting impression on her from that point forward.

Discovering a completely different culture and way of life in the beautiful island country wasn’t just a fun vacation experience. It was certainly that, too, but more importantly, it opened her eyes to new perspectives. Languages, food, clothing, hobbies, homes, jobs, daily life- it was all so drastically foreign. But it was all many of these people knew, much in the same way that Megan Matheney had only known American suburbia. A developing country in Southeast Asia is about as different from the U.S. as you can get in terms of economics and culture, and it was the beginning of intense interest in developing countries for Megan.

Schools and Careers

Throughout the next few years, Megan’s existing passion for science and new interest in developing countries merged with the desire for a secure career path. Upon applying for colleges, she considered various programs in engineering, biology, and the Earth sciences. Ultimately, Megan ended up choosing geophysics for its strong qualifications in science and numerous career opportunities with the option of traveling to other areas of the globe that she found interesting.

Geophysics opened many doors and provided an excellent foundation for Megan Matheney in terms of school and learning. Many skills in the field, such as math and programming, are highly transferable to other areas. She even interned for multiple years with a small petroleum company in Houston. The work was exciting and challenging, leading her to start planning for a master’s in geophysics.

Having Some Second Thoughts

But during the process of looking into schools, Megan Matheney had an epiphany. She realized that many of the job opportunities in geophysics bottle-necked into oil and gas. While the opportunity to work in developing countries was still possible, it wouldn’t provide an option of improving the situation of people in those places. The politics of fossil fuels meant that it would likely make their conditions worse. That difficulty surrounding the issue might scare some professionals away. Instead, Megan pursued the matter further.

So, she decided to make a pivotal change in her education and, thus, qualifications for a future career. Many professionals hesitate to take on too much work at once. Instead, Megan prepared herself to explore multiple areas of study at once. She started to contact programs both in different academic areas as well as different geographical ones. Environmental economics became her new focus for Master’s programs, and Europe was the destination. She would have liked to study in Asia or South America but was worried about the language barrier. Luckily though, she found the ideal program in Scotland.

In 2016 Megan Matheney was admitted to the University of Glasgow for a program in Environment and Sustainable Development. The degree focused on the relationship between developing countries and emerging problems such as globalization and climate change. As a growing field of study, she was at the forefront of the latest research and learning. It was the perfect program for combining science with a broad view of how different areas of the world interact in terms of economics and culture. With her Master’s degree complete, she prepared to begin her career.

Life After School

Upon returning to the US, Megan Matheney started a new job with the Texas Commission Environmental Quality. Her new position as a Natural Resource specialist was a dream job for entering the environmental field of work. Megan would use the position to test her newfound expertise in a meaningful way. It was also near a refugee center where she could volunteer to help people from war-torn countries. Megan worked and volunteered there for one year, gaining valuable qualifications as well as some great like-minded friends. However, all great things must come to an end. In this particular case, the purpose of Megan’s position with the environmental commission was to move on to something even more significant.

Right before joining the team, she had visited Mexico and met her now-fiance. After a year of long-distance, Megan Matheney decided to take a leap and move to Mexico. She prepared for the change by starting her own online retail sales business as well as getting into technical writing. Today, Megan lives in Mexico City with her fiancé while running her sales and writing offerings from the comfort of their home. In her spare time, she volunteers to build houses in impoverished communities, dances salsa and plays the accordion.

Follow or Contact Megan

Megan Matheney has the qualifications to write on a variety of topics that you can see if you follow her on LinkedIn. As a professional always looking for new challenges, she is open to questions or inquiries about her work. Feel free to explore her qualifications and experience as well. A helpful thing that continues to propel Megan in her career is an openness to take on a variety of projects. As readers will find in her past experiences, she enjoys trying new things to test her technical writing skills.

She can write and edit content for Earth sciences, environmental issues, economics, academics, legal documents, and even book manuscripts. Just send a message to contact her and ask if she’s available for whipping up some content. She’s always happy to speak with readers about her expertise and explore new ways to learn and grow with others. For most people like Megan, the journey to learn more and experience all life has to offer never ends. Part of that comes from meeting others passionate about their work.

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