Public Health Ethics A garbage can filled to capacity with single use plastic waste including plastic bottles disposable plastic cups and plastic straws

Public Health Ethics: Cases Spanning the Globe

If you're entering the health field, are you concerned about making decisions that severely impact lives? Public Health Ethics imparts the knowledge you need to prepare for difficult situations. The textbook stresses that health ethics come down to practice, but students and professionals can benefit from reading case studies. Public Health Ethics: Cases Spanning the Globe introduces broad public health ...
Anatomy and Physiology Human anatomy and physiology model in the laboratory for education

Anatomy and Physiology

Ever wonder how the human body functions? Anatomy and Physiology describes in depth the many ways that our body works for us everyday. The textbook is a great tool for students taking both beginner and intermediate anatomy and physiology courses. Get up to speed on the human body and its functions with Anatomy and Physiology. Ten senior authors collaborated with ...
Field Trials of Health Interventions Young female intern consulting with other doctor

Field Trials of Health Interventions: A Toolbox

Ever wonder how doctors know that certain medical treatments work for certain ailments? Go deeper into this inner world of medicine with Field Trials of Health Interventions. Medical researchers will appreciate the background research, explanations, and wealth of case studies this book provides about discovering health interventions. The world of medicine is constantly evolving. Field Trials of Health Interventions: A ...
Medicine Doctor examining a patient x-ray


Medicine is the study and practice of healing living things. The medicine articles and books on Direct Knowledge can help people just starting to have an interest in the field of medicine, or people well into the study of medicine. Also check out related science categories such as biology or chemistry ...
Current Events in Medicine People on conference

Current Events in Medicine

Medicine is the key to sustaining life. In a lot of ways, there are medicinal strides in research every single day. If you don't work in the field, it can be tough to hear about the latest and greatest findings ...
Outstanding Physicians Electrocardiogram in hospital surgery operating emergency room showing patient heart rate team of surgeons background

Outstanding Physicians (10 Phenomenal Careers)

The research of outstanding physicians often brings medical breakthroughs to the next level, facilitating enhanced care to patients throughout the world.The doctors highlighted here truly make a difference in their respective fields. Hopefully, discovering more about them will give you the boost of inspiration you may need to take your education or career forward ...
Medicine Doctor examining a patient x-ray


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