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We are taking online learning to a whole new level

Direct Knowledge helps students advance their knowledge, expand learning skills, and make connections. We help students with learning through educational online articles, video web courses, and books written and self-published by professionals.

Why Online Learning is Important

In a lot of ways, learning is the same as it has always been. Information from experts and scholarly sources lead the way in teaching new hordes of individuals how things work. Learning goes back quite literally to the beginning of mankind. It’s important to know how online learning is changing things. Change sometimes scares people, but online learning is a tool which all can use. In one way or another, online learning is making knowledge easier to access. Here’s why online learning is so important, and why it’s our mission at Direct Knowledge to contribute to the effort. Between a universal love for learning, the benefits of digital spaces, and networking, Direct Knowledge really does offer everything you might want.

Learning is for Everyone

Online learning is ideally something anyone can participate in. For a long time, learning after high school meant going away to college. Now, users access information on par with educational institutions from home. This is important for those who can’t afford school. Likewise, online learning is a gateway to a lifelong journey. Many who enjoy learning cannot pursue it full time. Jobs, families, and other things take up much of the day. Whenever and wherever, users can access information and knowledge while at home. Knowledge is available to all through online learning.

Digital Spaces Provide Flexibility

In a lot of ways, time and resources limit the ability to properly learn. This is not a reference to personal capability. Rather, the day can be full of responsibilities. Taking time to pursue interests is important to the learning process. Students carry a full load of work on their backs. In many cases, the day is full of classes, studying, and other educational projects. The efforts can become tiresome, leaving no time or energy for further study. That being said, it is crucial for students to have a place to access information when and where they see fit. Whether it is a supplementary e-book, or an article introducing them to a new subject, online learning is the key to finding a way into a new well of information.

Students Connect with Professionals

A trend in online learning is interactive communities. In college, students have access to message boards and spaces in which they can discuss content and information. On Direct Knowledge, resources are available to accomplish the same things. Learning is a collaborative process. The educational process doesn’t need to happen in one place. Learning is best when done with others. When you learn, others can benefit from the experience too. Sharing insights on an article help others understand the information more clearly. Likewise, it can be helpful to work together to tackle tough problems. By any means, the process of engaging with information together is crucial to the learning experience.

How Can Online Learning Work for Me?

At Direct Knowledge, resources and tools are available in a number of styles. From articles to e-books, the learning experience caters to all in this online learning space. What exactly does Direct Knowledge have to offer? Well, there are a number of resources on this site. Between articles, books, and courses, as well as a community with which to work, Direct Knowledge is full of useful ways to learn.

Learning Direct Knowledge is designed to be an educational resource for online learning Education Inspiration Development Intelligence Concept

Direct Knowledge is designed to be an educational resource for online learning

Every month, Wikipedia receives over 18 billion page views and Google processes over 100 billion search queries.

Both sites contain a large amount of information, but their primary functions are not online learning.

Direct Knowledge has everything required to meet your online learning needs.

Educational articles, written by experienced professionals, are available for free to anyone at any time.

Make Direct Knowledge your primary source of online learning.

Learning online bookstore carries self-published titles authored by experienced professionals female student study in classroom with tablet

Our online bookstore carries self-published titles authored by experienced professionals allowing for better flexibility and lower costs

Textbook costs have risen by more than 1,000% since the 1970s.

However, textbooks frequently have a resale value of 10% or even less than the original sticker price.

Magnifying the problem, textbooks are frequently overpolished, dry, and designed for too broad of an audience.

Direct Knowledge’s online bookstore is filled with titles that are created just for you.

Our educational books will help you with your course work, especially learning how to learn independently.

Instead of being aimed at every student around the world, they are focused on meeting your specific needs.

Learning online courses are created by experienced professionals and are still more affordable Team at work concept

Our online courses are created by experienced professionals and are still more affordable than courses offering college or university credit

Over 30% of all students now enroll in at least one online course. Greater than 15% of all students were enrolled exclusively online.

Additionally, more students than ever before now have access to online courses.

However, are these courses designed by experienced educators and professionals?

Direct Knowledge offers a wide variety of webcourses that have been designed by seasoned educators.

They offer instruction from experienced professionals, so you do not have to worry about their quality, like you do from other sites where anyone can create a course. Yet, these courses are still offered at a price that is much more affordable than online college or university courses.

Learning online community is designed so students can actively engage with other students Group of People with Global Communications

Our online community is designed so students can actively engage with other students who are taking the same course, reading the same book, or studying the same material

Students retain 50% of what they learn while engaged in a group discussion compared to only 5% of what they learn from a traditional lecture.

Additionally, over 70% of students view group discussion as a positive experience.

Despite these numbers, most courses, including online courses, do not emphasize group discussion.

Direct Knowledge’s online community offers a platform for students to have group discussions where they can engage with other students about their course work. The integration of the books, courses, and online community for Direct Knowledge truly sets it apart from other online instruction.

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Frequency Asked Questions

Is Online Learning Effective?

In short, online learning is a response to the drawbacks of traditional learning. Many wonder whether or not online learning is effective. In reality, it does come with its cons, but overall, its pros are quite advantageous. In many instances, learning is limited to those who have access to it. Thanks to digital learning, the process of finding and obtaining access to educational resources is easy. The process of finding knowledge online is simplified to the benefit of the individual.

On Direct Knowledge, the goal is always to ensure everyone can learn the way they learn best. By providing articles, books, and courses, any student can approach the information in the way they see fit. Everyone learns differently. In many cases, one person’s preferred style is different from that of their peers. Online content allows for everyone to engage with knowledge the way they understand best. For this reason, online resources are even more beneficial than the traditional styles of teaching. Knowledge is not to abandon traditional practices. Rather, the goal should be to use everything at one’s disposal.

How can I use Direct Knowledge if I’m currently in school?

The resources on Direct Knowledge benefit current students as much as anyone. For starters, a slew of professionals and teachers contribute to Direct Knowledge. That means all content on the sight is scholarly, which is a crucial element to learning. What does a scholarly article do to help you in school? Well, many courses you are taking might require you to find scholarly articles. These can be used in papers, essays, or bibliographies. Hopefully, classes you take in college or high school give you resources as well. Nevertheless, Direct Knowledge is always available to serve a supplementary role in your education.

Likewise, you can directly connect to professionals and scholars on Direct Knowledge. It’s a wonderful way to get to know others in your field of study. Likewise, those outside of your field of study can also provide you with new insights and knowledge. In one single digital space, you have access to people, resources, and texts that can further your academic career. Articles are free to read and utilize, and courses and books provide further insight into what it is you are learning. If a class is proving to be difficult, pick up an e-book on Direct Knowledge to help with the process. It’s all right here for you to use.

What Does Direct Knowledge Offer in Terms of Online Resources?

On Direct Knowledge, there are a number of ways to engage with others, as well as scholarly content. For starters, making an account on Direct Knowledge allows you the ability to upload a profile and share information with others. It’s a wonderful network of industry professionals from all walks of life. With an account, you’ll also have the option to provide content to the site. One of the types of content Direct Knowledge hosts is articles. Articles are free to read and access, and provide snapshots of various current events, updates, and introductions to fields of study.

Next, you’ll find access to electronic books. These books are deeper dives into a single study, such as calculus, humanities subjects, and more. In these paid books, you get an electronic guide that walks you through a subject. The key to this part of the website is the levels in which you can purchase books. For example, much like a textbook, there are some that are for beginners, intermediates, and experts. Following along with the books allows you to take what is essentially a class on the subject. It is all self taught using the electronic book. Of course, actual online courses are also available. Online courses provide you with a planned lesson. Much like a traditional class, each course lesson walks you through a subject.

How do Direct Knowledge Online Courses Compare to Other Sites?

On Direct Knowledge, each course listed contains the things you need to know to learn about that subject. Other sites allow anyone to post their course to the platform. On Direct Knowledge, however, only professionals, current teachers, or former professors are allowed to share a course. This means that you learn from the best of the best, and no less.

Online courses on Direct Knowledge can be used independently or as support to another class. For example, college students can use Direct Knowledge courses to help get through tougher content. Likewise, students utilize Direct Knowledge for the community. On the site, members can ask one another questions, as well as work on things together in groups. Overall, courses on Direct Knowledge provide a wide variety of information in order to allow for better understanding.

How do I Join Direct Knowledge?

Joining Direct Knowledge is easy. To begin, make an account and upload your information. This section includes credentials, job experience, and other important information. From here, you can see all other Direct Knowledge members. Add others to your friends list for easy contact. Plus, when you decide to look into a course, you can ask them to join a group with you and work together. It’s easy to get involved with Direct Knowledge community right from the get go! Once you have an account, you can also post articles. This is a great way to boost your resume or CV with extra citations. Published work helps you find jobs, build credibility, and even build a professional portfolio. Overall, your career can benefit greatly from publishing work on Direct Knowledge.

It’s easy to join Direct Knowledge, and the benefits are vast. Take the time to make an account today. Students and professionals all share on Direct Knowledge a similar goal: learning. It’s time to make today the first day in your learning journey.

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