Visual Arts

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Famous Paintings

Famous Paintings (Origins of Six)

Many famous paintings are heralded as masterpieces throughout history. What makes them so special? Here are six of they and why they are considered highly valuable by experts and novices alike.

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Works By Goya

Works By Goya (Analysis of Four)

Goya was a famous Spanish painter in the 18th century who lived through the Spanish Inquisition and the war. He was very prolific and painted throughout his life, even becoming director of the Royal Academy of Painters. Here we describe four of his works, given throughout his lifetime and analyze them and how they relate to Goya’s perfect universe.

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Giotto Donatello Duccio

Giotto, Donatello, and Duccio

Hayden Maginnis: “In Search of an Artist” In the excerpts of “In Search of an Artist”,  Hayden Maginnis presents the situation of the “Giotto-not Giotto”

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