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Philosophy Articles Philosophy is the study of fundamental questions of life and general existence. It takes an analytical look at things which are often difficult, if not impossible, to study scientifically. For example, some popular questions you’ll find in these philosophy articles and other sources include: Do humans have free will? Does a God exist? …

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Outstanding Philosophers

Outstanding Philosophers (10 Inspiring Careers)

Although considered abstract, philosophy consists of numerous theories and approaches to answering the most difficult questions in life. Speculation on human thought, nature, and the universe resonate in this field, and outstanding philosophers ponder, create, and debate answers to these great questions. Contemporary philosophers make careers in academia, mostly teaching and publishing in the field. …

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List of Philosophers

List of Philosophers: 4 of the Greatest Ever

Philosophy is a uniquely human activity. Everyone uses philosophy, so technically, everyone is a philosopher, though they won’t make it on this list. However, certain figures throughout history have contributed more to the development of philosophical theory than most. Influential men and women have dedicated their lives to studying the greatest questions related to the …

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