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Library Science

Library Science Articles Sometimes also called library studies, library economy, library and information science, librarianship, and bibliothecography, library science is an interdisciplinary science that deal with more than just libraries themselves. It incorporates a number of academic and scientific fields in order to optimize the compilation, organization, preservation, and distribution of information. The main goals …

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Library Science Journals

Library Science Journals – Which Is Right for You?

Students and professionals in library science – whether from an academic or practicing perspective – need access to a stable of journals.  These help you remain knowledgeable about new studies and developments in your field. Reading the highest quality professional and academic journals can help you stay abreast of the latest challenges and trends.  And …

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Outstanding Librarians

Outstanding Librarians (10 Phenomenal Careers)

Those working in academic circles are aware of the important role of a librarian in every institution. Large libraries throughout the world have millions of books and other publications, and the staff is in charge of helping the user community through serving their needs. Many libraries have hundreds of employees, including department heads, managers, directors, …

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