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Journalism Articles In modern free societies, we view the production and distribution of informational reports on current events as crucial to the public good. Journalism performs this role, keeping the public informed and active in the world around them. Knowing what’s happening in the world around us and how it affects us lets us make …

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Journalism Topics

Journalism Topics: 20 Subjects Briefly Explained

Journalism is a vital part of society that provides us with the means to gather, communicate, and even interpret events. Some journalism topics are rather mundane, focusing on entertainment or hobbies. Others are undoubtedly essential to maintaining freedoms in the modern world through encouraging transparency in government and finance as well as keeping people educated …

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Types of Journalism

Types of Journalism (Which Is Right for You?)

Journalism is the activity of collecting, evaluating, generating and presenting information and news. A number of unique properties and practices distinguish it from other writing activities. These characteristics include reporting on current events with a level of scrutiny and standards not found in other forms of writing. Then, there are multiple types of journalism itself, …

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Top Journalism Schools

Top Journalism Schools Around the World

For developing journalists, one of the most significant queries is how to achieve a respected and reputable position within the field of journalism. One answer is learning from top journalism schools. Top journalism schools aim to instill steadfast values in journalists from the start. Fortunately, there are numerous professional, high quality journalism schools all around …

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What is Journalism

What is Journalism? (Modern Developments)

Journalism is the collection, analysis, and dissemination of news and other affiliated commentary.  It also involves feature materials such as electronic and print media including newspapers, blogs, magazines and books, social networking, webcasts, social media sites, podcasts, and social networking and emails and also motion pictures, television, and radio. Society sets standards and a high …

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Outstanding Journalists

Outstanding Journalists (10 Phenomenal Careers)

Journalism is not a job for the faint-hearted nor for those seeking only money and fame. Any journalist will attest to that. Despite these difficulties, you will still find bold, inspired journalists who have dedicated their lives to relentlessly exposing vices. From corruption to wars to unraveling scandals in political arenas, outstanding journalists often are …

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