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Visual Arts

Articles in the Visual Arts Humans have an incredible innate ability to perceive the world around us through the use of our senses. Although what qualifies as a sense is up to some debate, it is generally agreed that the five primary senses are sight, touch, taste, hearing, and smell. Use of these senses has …

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Philosophy Articles - Tree of life sprouting from a well thought out book


Philosophy Articles Philosophy is the study of fundamental questions of life and general existence. It takes an analytical look at things which are often difficult, if not impossible, to study scientifically. For example, some popular questions you’ll find in these philosophy articles and other sources include: Do humans have free will? Does a God exist? …

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Library Science Articles - Concept of science Bookshelf full of books in form of tree

Library Science

Library Science Articles Sometimes also called library studies, library economy, library and information science, librarianship, and bibliothecography, library science is an interdisciplinary science that deal with more than just libraries themselves. It incorporates a number of academic and scientific fields in order to optimize the compilation, organization, preservation, and distribution of information. The main goals …

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Journalism Articles - Group of cheerful journalists asking questions during press conference, taking interview


Journalism Articles In modern free societies, we view the production and distribution of informational reports on current events as crucial to the public good. Journalism performs this role, keeping the public informed and active in the world around them. Knowing what’s happening in the world around us and how it affects us lets us make …

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Outstanding Philosophers

Outstanding Philosophers (10 Inspiring Careers)

Although considered abstract, philosophy consists of numerous theories and approaches to answering the most difficult questions in life. Speculation on human thought, nature, and the universe resonate in this field, and outstanding philosophers ponder, create, and debate answers to these great questions. Contemporary philosophers make careers in academia, mostly teaching and publishing in the field. …

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Outstanding Visual Artists

Outstanding Visual Artists (10 Inspiring Careers)

Painting, sculpture, photography and crafts — these are all pieces of art considered within the realm of “visual art.” Those who create them, along with many others like film and architecture, are called visual artists. Professionals in this realm of creative work may hold a variety of positions from self-made artists to animators with large …

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Library Science Journals

Library Science Journals – Which Is Right for You?

Students and professionals in library science – whether from an academic or practicing perspective – need access to a stable of journals.  These help you remain knowledgeable about new studies and developments in your field. Reading the highest quality professional and academic journals can help you stay abreast of the latest challenges and trends.  And …

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Outstanding Librarians

Outstanding Librarians (10 Phenomenal Careers)

Those working in academic circles are aware of the important role of a librarian in every institution. Large libraries throughout the world have millions of books and other publications, and the staff is in charge of helping the user community through serving their needs. Many libraries have hundreds of employees, including department heads, managers, directors, …

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Coyolxauhqui (Analysis of the Head of Coyolxauhqui)

The Colossal Head of Coyolxauhqui is a stone monument carved in pre-Columbian Tenochtitlan, the center of the Aztec world. In 1829, archeologists unearthed it from the foundations of a colonial church in Mexico City. At this time, archeologists had found only a few Aztec monuments, like the Calendar Stone and the Coatlicue Monument. The Head …

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Early Renaissance

Early Renaissance: Competition and Collaboration

Consider the role of competitions and collaboration in the light of the great architectura. Also consider sculptural projects of Early Renaissance Florence (Orsanmichele, Baptistery, Duomo, cantore). To what degree did competition provide the impetus behind the development of new forms? Or was the driving force instead, the rare preponderance of genius in early Renaissance Florence? …

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Myth of Hercules

The Myth of Hercules Compared to Disney’s Hercules

Originally, the Greek myth was about Heracles, known today through Roman interference, as Hercules. The original significance of the story of Hercules is that even though the unfortunate events that happened to Hercules may have been caused by the gods, usually Hera, he acted with grace and performed his attrition adequately. Instead of killing himself …

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