How to Publish a Book

How to Publish a Book (Self-Publish Your Work)

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Many professionals consider publishing a book at some point in their career. However, that can be an intimidating task at first. In this article, we are going to discuss the entire process of publishing a book. We will walk you through the initial phase of considering writing a book all the way through publication. This article includes the following topics and foci:

  • How to Write a Book
    • Common Themes
  • How to Finish a Book
    • Engagement and Success
  • How to Publish a Book
    • Publishing Methods
  • Self-Publishing at Direct Knowledge
    • Our Classified Ads
    • Becoming a Vendor

The goal of this article is to introduce to you the ideas needed to start writing a book and then take that book all the way through publication. We will first present you with some general information, then we will detail for you the benefits of self-publishing here on Direct Knowledge.

Our site allows professionals from different areas of expertise to self-publish on our public platform. Continue reading if you’re interested in learning how to publish a book.

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How to Write a Book

The process of starting to write a book is intimidating at first. Here we will put together some steps you can take to help you get started in writing a book. Some sites break down the process into easy-to-follow steps. For example, Self Publishing School lists these steps:

  1. Think Like a Writer
  2. Prepare to Write a Book
  3. Actually Write Your Book
  4. Avoid Potholes Along the Way
  5. Launch Your Book Successfully

The article linked above has some good information about writing a book. However, these recommendations may be a little too vague for an aspiring writer. Alternatively, if we look at this list from the Reedsy blog, we’ll find more detailed advice:

  • Nail Down Your Book Idea
  • Outline Your Book
  • Research Your Topic
  • Establish a Writing Routine
  • Write Your First Draft
  • Revise Your Manuscript
  • Write the Second Draft
  • Publish Your Book

This second list provides a little more focus and a more tangible process. If we look at both lists and consider some successful authors from the past, we find common themes.

Common Themes for Successful Writing

First, know what you want to write and why you want to write it. Answering these two questions helps to get the ball rolling. Next, create a clear outline and expectation of what you want to write. Third, schedule time to work and stick to your plan. You should set consistent times and amounts to write and stick to those without exception. After that, focus on writing, not editing. Self-editing while trying to write is not a great strategy. Write down your ideas now. Editing will come next.

After you’ve written the first draft of your ideas, go through and do some editing. Your next step would be to re-write your document with the notes and edits from your first review. Now would be a great time to ask a peer to review your work. Finally, you would want to incorporate the feedback into the second edit of your book. At this point, typically, you could be ready for publication.

Some authors find it difficult to cross that finish line and actually finish the book. If you’re looking for advice on how to reach your goal of publishing your book, find that advice below.

How to Publish a Book How to Finish a Book organizing a book on a laptop

How to Finish a Book

Many authors find the act of finishing their book more difficult than any other part of the writing process. What are some strategies you can employ to make sure you finish your book?

It’s tempting, but the above tip is quite crucial. Do not try to edit your work while you are writing it. Most new authors make the mistake of trying to perfect everything they’re writing while they’re writing. Doing so will almost guarantee that you won’t make sufficient progress. You will be come frustrated with your imperfect writing, worry about detailed editing, and then become frustrated at your lack of progress. When writing, it is easier to take a longer document and narrow it down to something concise after all the ideas are on the page.

If you haven’t made it part of the writing process to this point, build some routines into your daily schedule. Follow these routines with great discipline. Do not make excuses for yourself. There will always be other things to do. If you allow yourself to stop writing and take care of these other things, you may one day never pick your writing back up again.

Engagement and Success

In education, many professionals understand that engagement is linked to achievement and success. However, this idea is not exclusive to students. Professionals looking to finish a book should get feedback from their peers. Regular interaction with peers regarding your writing will both significantly improve the quality of your writing and will provide you with the motivation needed to finish your book.

So what is the next step if you’ve now finished writing your book? The obvious answer is to publish your work. In the next section, we will address how you can look to publish your book.

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How to Publish a Book

Now that you’ve finished your book, let’s explore the options you have to publish your book. Typically, you have two options available to you as a professional looking to publish:

  1. Publish Through a Publishing Company
  2. Self-Publish Through an Online Platform

Publishing Through a Publishing Company

Many writers will first think of publishing their book by approaching one of the big name companies in the appropriate field for their materials. Most professionals are aware of the leading publishers in their field of expertise, i.e. mathematics or computer science, and consider them as their first choice for publishing.

However, often times it is not quite as simple as approaching a publishing company directly. Many times writers will need to draft acts of inquiries. They will use these to hopefully land an agent. The agent will then work with the author to try and get approved by a publishing house. Many writers think of this route to publish their work first, but it prevents some unique challenges.

First, this process can result in denial. Despite your expertise, due to the sheer volume of people looking to publish, you may be unable to either land an agent or land a deal with a publishing company. Additionally, even if you land a deal, it can frequently take one to three years to actually have the work published. There is a lot of back and forth before a work can even move to print. Finally, you should also consider that you give up a great deal of how your work is presented by using a company. They have final say on how you present your work.

Self-Publishing Through an Online Platform

On the other hand, self-publishing through an online platform grants you a tremendous amount of control over your work. First of all, you do not need to secure an agent and you do not need to worry about your work being rejected, not typically at least. Also, your work is in your hands, meaning you have total control.

You also have greater freedom in other, smaller areas like what your cover design is or how your book is typeset. You have total freedom in the creative aspect of how your book is presented to the audience. If self-publishing sounds like a better option for you, then see below to read how you can self-publish here on Direct Knowledge.

How to Publish a Book Self-Publishing at Direct Knowledge Digital Publishing

Self-Publishing at Direct Knowledge

Direct Knowledge provides a number of resources to professionals through our online platform. These resources include:

  • Articles
  • Bookstore
  • Courses
  • Online Community

The resource that we will discussed today is the bookstore. This is a place for you to self-publish your work. On our site, experts can publish and promote their works directly to readers. You are able to set the price for the work. Your book will be featured right alongside works by other esteemed professionals.

The other features of our site provide a distinct advantage to professionals looking to self-publish their work. For example, with our online community, you can create classified ads to request a co-author for a book. Or you could look for help marketing your book to students. You can read more about our classified ads below. As part of our community, your book would also show up in the activity for the site to other users. This is another great way for people to discover your work.

Another great feature of self-publishing on Direct Knowledge is the integration that is possible with our online courses. For example, if you create a course and sell that course through our site, you can also link to your self-published book that is available through our bookstore. The bookstore on Direct Knowledge contains books written by experts, like yourself, but that are affordable for larger audiences.

Classified Ads

As part of the online community on Direct Knowledge, you have access to our Classified Ads system. These classified ads allow for professionals to request or offer their services to others. In general, these classified ads can be broken down into three broad categories:

  1. Publishing Services Available While Creating Your Project
  2. Publishing Services Available After Your Project is Completed
  3. Publication Services Available At Any Time During or After Project Creation

Classified ads on Direct Knowledge currently fall into sixteen categories that are included in the three larger groups above. The sixteen categories for services are: Conversion, Data, Design, Editing, Indexing, Legal, Marketing, Miscellaneous, Proofreading, Reader Review, Technical Review, Translation, Typesetting, Video Editing, Video Production, and Writing.

Our classified ads are available for professionals to self-publish their book but also to self-publish their article or online course. Direct Knowledge provides an all-encompassing platform for professionals looking to create educational content.

Publishing Services Available While Creating Your Project

Some examples of the services available while creating your project are Editing Services and Proofreading Services. Editing services allow for professionals to request editing assistance with their publication. All types of edits are available for request. Whereas with Proofreading Services, professionals can request help with those final touches. These services and many more are available to help you with the writing process.

Publishing Services Available After Your Project is Completed

Typical services requested after your writing is completed are Marketing Services and Reader Review Services. Marketing services allow for professionals to request assistance in the marketing of their publication. Find someone here to help you get the word out about your new book. Reader review services let you ask someone to write a reader review for your new book. Perhaps you’ll use this review in your marketing materials or even on your own website.

Publication Services Available At Any Time During or After Project Creation

Direct Knowledge has classified ads for two types of services that can be needed at any point during or after writing. These are Miscellaneous Services and Legal Services. Miscellaneous services are the “catch-all” category on our site. You can use these ads to request any type of service not covered in other categories or a blended service of multiple categories. Legal services are commonly used by professionals writing a book for things like creating an ISBN or registering a copyright. You will need an ISBN in order to self-publish your book on Direct Knowledge. In the last section below, you will find the information needed to apply to become a vendor on our site and get permission to publish in our bookstore.

Become a Vendor

Now that you’ve completed your book and decided that self-publishing on Direct Knowledge is the proper route for you, what do you do? Well, first, you must become a vendor on our site. You need to apply for approval in order sell in our bookstore.

Here are the rules and requirements to be approved on Direct Knowledge as a vendor:

  • We accept submissions only from registered users
  • Submitters must grant Direct Knowledge a license to distribute the work, which must be irrevocable and non-exclusive.
  • Alternatively, submitters may certify that the work is available under another license that conveys these rights.
  • Anyone who submits must agree to Direct Knowledge terms of service.
  • Submitters must agree to Direct Knowledge privacy policy.
  • Submit a book description, include both a long description and a short description.
  • Provide an ISBN.
  • Provide a license type.
  • Institutional affiliation for the author(s) must be provided.
  • Author short biography must be included.

Steps to Take

Truly the first step to becoming a vendor is to become a member of the Direct Knowledge community. Start by registering on the site. You need to first join our community to publish through our site. Please keep in mind that only experts in a field may sell a book in that field through our site. You will need to show proof of your background in that content area.

There are also legal implications of publishing on Direct Knowledge. You must agree to our terms of service and privacy policy, among other things. Please be sure to read those thoroughly when registering to become a vendor.

You will need to supply an ISBN, short and long book descriptions, and a license type for each e-book you plan to sell. At this time, Direct Knowledge only has plans to sell e-books through our online bookstore.

For each author, we also ask for a short biography and any institutional affiliation that you have.

After reading all of the information above, we hope that you will choose to publish your work through Direct Knowledge. If so, please head over and complete the Vendor Registration now. We look forward to having you as an active member of our community.

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