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Freelancing (Classified Ads for Professionals)

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Freelancing is a great way for professionals to make a little bit of money on the side. But what is freelancing, and how do you get started? You may also have some questions about where to find clients and how much to charge for your services.

Direct Knowledge can answer your freelancing questions as well as offer a community of professionals to collaborate with in your freelancing endeavors. Their freelancing classifieds board offers 16 different categories that can help authors through every step of the publication process.

What is Freelancing?

Freelancing is when an individual works independently to offer their services to multiple organizations or clients. Rather than being considered an employee, freelancers are classified as self-employed. They offer services in a variety of industries, including bookkeeping, marketing, writing, graphic design, web design, and more. Some freelancers work through an agency (who sells the freelancer’s services and usually collects a fee for doing so) while others work independently.

Freelancers may also be known as “independent contractors” for tax purposes. However, those who are a part of the creative industries tend to prefer the term “freelancer.”

Freelancing is an increasingly popular way of earning a living since it offers so many advantages. Some of these include:

  • Determining your own work schedule and environment
  • Choosing your own clients
  • Charging the rates you think you deserve
  • Doing something that you love

What is a Freelance Job?

Based on the definition of freelancing provided above, a freelance job is one in which the individual completing the job is working for their client while still being self-employed. The easiest way to understand freelance jobs is to compare them to a traditional job.

With a traditional job, the employer sets hours and duties, clocks time, sets pay rates, and automatically deducts taxes from paychecks. With a freelance job, however, the freelancer is in charge of doing all of those tasks. They are able to set their own hours and clock time, charge the rates they want, and have to pay taxes on their own.

Freelancers should use contracts to outline everything above (what the client will be paying, what work they will be completing, how many hours they will be working on the project, etc.) depending on the type of job they are completing. For example, if you’re not working on an hourly basis, you wouldn’t need to include number of hours worked in your contract. However, many freelancers get started on freelancing websites that protect both parties when it comes to payment or ownership disputes.

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How to Start Freelancing

With the many benefits that freelancing offers, many people are wondering how they can get started. Fortunately, freelance careers are relatively easy to get started compared to working your way up in another career field or starting another type of business. However, there is always a little risk when you go from a day job with consistent pay to work that pays based on how many clients you can find for yourself.

For this reason, many freelancers get started by slowly transitioning into their freelance work. They may do this by just taking on a couple of jobs to work on at night and on weekends. But how do they find clients? How much do they charge? And how do they eventually scale their businesses?

How Do I Find Freelancing Clients?

Before finding your first clients, you must have an idea of the client you’re looking for. Knowing your ideal client beforehand will tell you where to find them, how to solve their problems, and how to present yourself to them for hire.

A lot of people will tell you that starting on freelance sites (such as Upwork or Fiverr) is the right way to go. While there are lots of opportunities on these sites, it can be difficult when you’re first starting out to land a gig with little experience (and the clients who will hire you won’t pay the rates you deserve). For a better chance of finding your ideal client, go where they already are (whether that’s on niche sites, Facebook groups, industry-related forums, etc.).

How Much Should I Charge for Freelancing?

To determine your rates, you should do some research. Look at the range of rates from beginner to pro, and price your services according to your level of experience. However, even if you have no experience, never work for free. Some freelancers do this to build a portfolio, but it is not worth your time, and clients may undervalue your work.

Freelance Marketplace on Direct Knowledge

With the Direct Knowledge freelance marketplace, professionals can offer services to help others publish articles, books, or courses. For example, if you are a psychologist, you could offer writing or editing services. Or you could offer review services in your chosen field, ranging from nursing to accounting to sociology and more.

The Digital Knowledge marketplace also consists of professionals selling their books and courses. Authors who need help with the process of publication can search the classifieds for a professional who can help them. Or they may post an ad requesting services which freelancers can respond to.

To create a classifieds ad, visit the Classifieds page and click ‘Create.’ You’ll then be able to enter your contact information, write your ad content, and set your rates. You should be sure to include as much detail as possible along with how your services will benefit your customers. You may choose to write about your processes, whether you charge hourly or on a flat rate, or tell about your experience in the field. To post your ad, you can either pay a flat rate or publish an article on Direct Knowledge to post for free.

Categories Freelancing Classified Ads Categories

Freelancing Classified Ads Categories

The classifieds page on Direct Knowledge allows professionals to post ads both offering and requesting services in 16 different categories. If you’re interested in helping others publish articles, books, or courses, explore each category to see which services you can offer.

Conversion Services

Depending on the choice of publication, an author may need their documents converted from one file type to another. Rather than relying on automated software, they can hire a freelancing professional to do this for them. For example, they may need to convert a book they wrote from a Word document to an ebook format. The help of a professional eliminates the risk of losing information or having to reformat their document.

Data Services

An author may need some research compiled for their publication. The data services classifieds are for professionals who can format research into charts, graphs, tables, etc. The data is often already put together, so you won’t have to worry about completing research. Data services are solely for preparing the research for publication in articles, books, or courses.

Design Services

If you have an eye for design, you may be able to help a professional who already has their content written. Design services can include graphic design, text layout, cover design, etc. For example, if you can help format images or artwork in an article, you can offer design services. Design services do not include writing, editing, or proofreading, so you won’t have to worry about creating the written content.

Editing Services

If you have experience editing written material for structure and development, there may be a professional who needs your help. Authors often look for editors before publication to make sure their content makes sense and flows nicely. You may offer services such as copy edits, line edits, or developmental edits. However, writing and proofreading services should be offered under their respective categories.

Indexing Services

Indexing services are for those who can offer help in creating a logical index for a professional seeking publication. Books are the most common format that require these services, but content such as long articles or manuals could benefit from an index as well. If you have the skills necessary to identify index subjects, then you can offer your services in the indexing category.

Legal Services

If you have the ability to aid in the legal processes of publication, you can post in the legal services category. The legal processes relating to publication could be copyright-related, trademarking, or obtaining an ISBN. You may also be able to help professionals who are already having legal issues, such as copyright infringement.

Marketing Services

Professionals who are looking to publish books or courses may seek the help of a marketer. If you have skills that include social media marketing, content marketing, link-building, or influencer marketing, you can post an ad for marketing services. You may be able to help other professionals gain an audience and create a passive income for themselves.

Miscellaneous Services

If you’re offering services that don’t fall into a category or that combine two categories, you can post in the miscellaneous services.

Proofreading Services

If you have knowledge on grammar, spelling, and the fine details of writing, you can offer proofreading services. Professionals who already have content that has been written and edited may request proofreading services for a last minute check. You may also check for the clarity of sentences. However, full edits must be offered under the editing services, and writing must be offered in writing services.

Reader Review Services

Reader review services are for freelancers who can offer to write reviews on a publication. Professionals who are looking for testimonials of their work may find reader review services to be helpful for marketing. Reviews can be written for any type of publication, including articles, books, and/or courses.

Technical Review Services

Professionals may need to have the technical aspects of their publication checked by someone in their field. For example, an accountant may need another accountant to look over equations and accounting principles to make sure they are correct. If you have a field that you specialize in, you can offer freelance technical review services.

Translation Services

If an author wants to publish content in more than one language, they may seek out the help of a professional who can translate their writing. The languages available are limited only to the knowledge of the professionals offering the services. Professionals can also request translation to a language that is not listed. Translating an article, book, or course opens up a whole new audience to the author.

Typesetting Services

Typesetting is essential to making content easy to read for Direct Knowledge users. If you have the ability to offer typesetting services for a specific program, your freelance services may be able to help a professional. Some popular programs include Microsoft Word, LaTeX, Adobe InDesign, and Reedsy Book Editor. However, you can offer services for a number of different programs.

Video Editing Services

If you possess the skills to transform raw footage into a completed video, you may be able to offer freelance video editing services. This is especially helpful for professionals who are publishing courses since video is a main content form for teaching students online. For this purpose, they may have videos of lectures or some other presentation that needs portions cut, graphics added, etc.

Video Production Services

Again, videos are popular for online courses. Aside from video editing, a professional may need help with the whole video production process. This can include writing scripts, narrating, filming, etc. While video editing is the final step, video production means freelancers work with the author through the entire project.

Writing Services

Unlike many other writing service ads, the writing services through Direct Knowledge are for collaborative opportunities with other professionals. If you specialize in a certain field and want to co-write an article, book, or online course, you can post a freelance ad.

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Freelancing Summary

Direct Knowledge prides itself on being a community of professionals who work together to offer their articles, books, and courses to better the education of students everywhere. For professionals who have the time and skills to do so, Direct Knowledge can also be a way to add a little bit of income through freelancing. With the variety of categories varying from writing to video editing to legal services, there’s bound to be a classifieds board for everyone.

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