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Accounting Articles - Business concept. Business people discussing the charts and graphs showing the results of their successful teamwork


Accounting Articles Accounting, also known as accountancy or financial reporting, is the management of economic information for entities such as businesses and corporations. This includes measuring, calculating, and communicating financial and non-financial information to keep track of how the organization is doing economically. The organization itself uses this information to optimize performance, but other entities …

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Current Events in Accounting

Current Events in Accounting (5 Need-to-Knows)

To those out of the loop, accounting sounds boring and dry. For professionals, it’s an industry and field booming with opportunity. Numbers aren’t everyone’s favorite, and many struggle with math, let alone accounting processes. Accounting is the process of managing numbers in a variety of settings. Every sort of business or establishment needs an accountant. …

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Accounting Journals

Accounting Journals (Explore Options)

The guide below will walk you through various financial and accounting publications. In addition, it provides background to help make an informed choice about which publications you’d like to subscribe to, submit an article for, or join the editorial board of. Whether an accounting student, faculty member, researcher or practicing professional, staying current on trends, …

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Financial Accounting

Financial Accounting

Whether you are an accounting student, faculty member, researcher or practicing professional, staying up-to-date on accounting and financial trends, research findings and management techniques is key for advancing your professional knowledge. Today’s accounting professional is always just an online search away from thousands of resources but if you are hungry for academically rigorous new findings, …

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