A Field Guide for Academic Librarians

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Curious how to make knowledge more accessible? OER: A Field Guide for Academic Librarians is a book for scholars, educators, and academic librarians looking to do just that. The guide offers ways for people from all studies and disciplines to create their own open educational resource projects.

A Field Guide for Academic Librarians

A Field Guide for Academic Librarians is a collection of essays by 40 different authors advocating for more open resources in academia. The book takes readers deep into the world of library science, where open educational resources, or OER, typically live. For instance, the library is where students go for research, archives, reference guides, technology, and more. But furthermore, students need the proper literature to study in any subject, from psychology to architecture to mathematics. The contributors of this guide argue for a streamlined, accessible, and, often, free well of resources for students and professionals to tap into.

The idea is that the best pedagogy should not be expensive, but instead, at the fingertips of all students in any field. A Field Guide for Academic Librarians is packed with strategies for encouraging these ideas and efforts to make them a reality. For instance, each of the essays focuses on a different approach to creating open resource programs at colleges, some of them proved with case studies. They highlight colleges that have successfully implemented their own initiatives and how they did it. For example, some universities partner with other schools. Others get students and professors involved. And, in some cases, there are grassroots movements for affordable textbooks and to share knowledge freely.

About the Editors of OER: A Field Guide for Academic Librarians

Jonathan Lashley is senior instructional technologist at Boise State University. He is studying for his doctorate degree in learning sciences at Clemson University. In addition, he was one of OER’s first research fellows, and OER recently awarded him a fellowship in instructional designing.

Andrew Wesolek is director of digital scholarship and scholarly communications at Vanderbilt University. He was previously the first head of digital scholarship at Clemson University. In addition to A Field Guide for Academic Librarians, he co-edited Making Institutional Repositories Work.

Anne Langley earned her master’s degree in library science from the University of Tennessee. Currently, she is dean of the University of Connecticut Library. She’s held library positions at Penn State University, Princeton, and Duke, to name a few.

Publisher: Pacific University Press
License: Attribution

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