Economics: Theory Through Applications

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Want to know how the economy really works, or at least take control of your own finances? Economics: Theory Through Applications will take you through the process with ease. The textbook was written for economics students and those beginning their first foray into the field.

Economics Theory Through Applications

Mastering economics concepts is within reach when you read Economics: Theory Through Applications. Authors designed this textbook specifically for those with minimal experience in economics. Therefore, students and curious readers alike can grasp even the economy’s most difficult aspects. Students will care about the economy when they see how it relates to their own lives, the book posits. As a result of this idea, which the book is based on, the book first presents the applications, or real-life examples. Then, it explains the theories behind them. It also teaches by presenting problems for readers to solve.

Furthermore, Economics: Theory Through Applications teaches through repetition. Certain concepts appear over and over throughout the book. This links theories to several contexts and allows the material to sink into readers’ brains. The textbook is a great tool for economics teachers, and it covers many topics standard in an introductory economics course. Topics include microeconomics, macroeconomics, monopolies, globalization, and the Fed. Economics: Theory Through Applications also goes into everyday economic decisions, Wall Street, the financial crisis, inflation, income taxes, balancing budgets, and social security. Plus, it discusses eBay and Craigslist’s impacts on the economy. The textbook is comprehensive, and it even includes information about careers in macroeconomics.

About the Authors of Economics: Theory Through Applications

Russell Cooper is an economics professor at Italy’s European University Institute and the University of Texas. He has also worked at Yale University, the University of Iowa and Boston University. In addition, he is a research fellow of the Econometric Society and National Bureau of Economic Research. He holds a Ph.D. from the University of Pennsylvania.

Andrew John teaches economics at Melbourne Business School and holds Ph.D. in economics from Yale University. He and Cooper published Economics: Theory Through Applications with academics in mind. He has researched a variety of economic issues at Michigan State University, University of Virginia, and France’s Business School for the World. In addition, he has worked as a consultant with clients in Australia, Europe, and throughout the Asia-Pacific region.

Publisher: Saylor Foundation
License: Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike

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