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Direct Knowledge exists to help everyone learn.

We understand the importance of freely accessible information in the form of online articles written to advance our understanding of ourselves and the world around us.

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Direct Knowledge publishes academic, educational, and informative articles online. If you’re a professional (such as a professor, doctor, lawyer, etc.), we would love to hear from you.

Contact us and find out how you can contribute to our mission of helping learners advance their knowledge and helping professionals publish their work.

Direct Knowledge encourages readers to comment on articles, meaning you might hear from other professionals, sparking new ideas for all involved. Likewise, you could interact directly with students interested in your field of work. You can assist them in building their knowledge as they move into their career.

Direct Knowledge is dedicated to furthering professional development, all the while helping to build a supportive and collaborative community.

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Contact Us to Get Your Work Reviewed

We review textbooks and other types of educational books of the highest quality and distribute these reviews worldwide. Contact Direct Knowledge and find out how you can get your work evaluated.

A lot of patrons of Direct Knowledge are either in school studying a subject or looking to jump back into the educational experience. For students in a college course, finding and studying with additional electronic books can assist in supplementing their curriculum. Students using Direct Knowledge sometimes contact us about the best ways to tackle difficult subjects like calculus and linear algebra. The quality of content in the reviews on our site makes it easy for students to master challenging topics, as well as interact with the authors.

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How Do Students Use Direct Knowledge?

If a student can’t take a course in a subject with which they have an interest, then our articles might be their best way of studying the topic at the moment. If professionals can put together a collection of content on a subject, then students can utilize your insights to understand complex issues better. Publishing reviews on Direct Knowledge now is a faster and more economical way of sharing your work. Plus, you reach a global audience who wants to expand their knowledge.

We enable students to study anytime, anyplace, and empower educators to publish their expertise.

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About The Direct Knowledge Community

The Direct Knowledge online community helps professionals advance their expertise by offering articles on self-publishing services and feedback. If you’re looking for a guided self-publishing experience, then find out which types of services your work needs.

If you know the benefits of online learning, then you know it is developing into a leading force in education. Learning can take place anywhere, anytime, and in any part of your life’s journey, thanks to online resources. 

The best way to learn is the way that works for you. 

There are plenty of options on Direct Knowledge to learn the way you’d like to learn. Plus, professionals have options in terms of feedback and comments for others. The Direct Knowledge community is the social hub for all of these efforts. Contact Direct Knowledge to discuss the full extent of our community.

The best part of an online community is the collaboration that occurs between all learners. Articles allow for discussions of deeper elements and thoughts in the comments. Plus, you can reach out to others to help build collaborative relationships. Between networking and furthering knowledge, the Direct Knowledge community is a priceless resource. While it’s free, the return is excellent for both professionals and students. If you’re ready to start learning or teaching others, all in the name of developing a better understanding of education’s most essential subjects, then Direct Knowledge is for you. The key to a thriving community like this one is a constant flow of new scholars and original ideas. Be sure to read today!

Please use the comments below to contact Direct Knowledge with your questions and/or remarks. We are happy to answer your questions and receive your feedback. Feel free to say hello.

Contact Direct Knowledge FAQ

What is the best way to contact Direct Knowledge?

The form on the Direct Knowledge Contact Us page is the best way. It will send an email to the editors, and they will respond, knowing that you have visited Direct Knowledge and are interested.

Can I email Direct Knowledge?

Yes, you can use However, your email address may not be recognized. The best way to contact Direct Knowledge is through the Contact Us page.

What are the top 5 reasons to contact Direct Knowledge?

If you would like to find out more about: 1) our readers, 2) our mission, 3) your potential contributions, 4) technical issues with the site, or 5) our affiliations, then you should contact us.

How fast will Direct Knowledge respond?

Usually, Direct Knowledge will respond by email within 24 hours or 1-2 business days.


  • Created by professionals with the intent of helping others become professionals, Direct Knowledge began by simply pulling together the best articles and media it could find. The company was officially founded on November 10, 2017 by a professor who wanted to share his knowledge with anyone. With an academic background and a passion for professional and individual development, the Direct Knowledge mission started with one passion: grow knowledge and offer a comprehensive place to learn, discuss, and network.

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