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Please feel free to contact us at any time. Direct Knowledge understands the importance of freely accessible information in the form of online articles written to advance our understanding of ourselves and the world around us. There are many types of articles that Direct Knowledge publishes, including informational and educational as well as various types of scholarly articles.

Articles – How to Contact Us to Get Published

Direct Knowledge publishes academic, educational, and informative articles online. If you're a professional (such as a professor, doctor, lawyer, etc) we would love to hear from you. Contact us and find out how you can contribute to our mission of helping students advance their knowledge and helping professionals publish their work.

Professionals can utilize Direct Knowledge to benefit their published works portfolio. Publishing articles is a great way to build a professional bibliography. Plus, Direct Knowledge allows members to read articles for free. If you want to write a formal insight into a latest finding, or maybe a simple question and answer guide to a tough subject in your field, we want to read it! The best part is you'll be in a network with a number of other professionals inside and out of your profession all dedicated to providing students and professionals with a hub of collaboration and knowledge.

Direct Knowledge also allows members to comment on one another's work. This means you might hear from other professionals about their work, sparking new ideas for all involved. Likewise, you could interact directly with students interested in your field of work. You can assist them in building their knowledge as they move into their career.

Take something you've been working on and reach new audiences with innovative media. Direct Knowledge is dedicated to furthering your professional development, all the while helping to build a supportive and collaborative community. If you have an interest in publishing on Direct Knowledge, then that's great! Contact us and join today as a member and reach out about getting your work on the site!

Publishing Books on Direct Knowledge

We publish textbooks and other types of educational books of the highest quality and distribute them world-wide. Contact us and find out how you can get your work evaluated for our bookstore.

There are many benefits to electronic books in the current online learning market. For starters, online outlets like Direct Knowledge help you avoid publishing costs and other fees that come with working with formal distributors. Nevertheless, we distribute your books worldwide for all Direct Knowledge members. A lot of patrons of Direct Knowledge are either in school studying a subject, or looking to jump back into the educational experience. For students in a college course, finding and studying with additional electronic books can assist in supplementing their course. Students utilize Direct Knowledge and often contact us about the best ways to tackle difficult subjects like calculus and linear algebra. The quality content in electronic books on our site make it easy for students to master difficult subjects, as well as interact with the authors.

How Do Students Use Books on Direct Knowledge?

If a student can't take a course in a subject with which they have an interest, then an electronic book might be their best way of studying the subject at the moment. If you have the knowledge to put together a collection of content on a subject, then students can utilize your insights to better understand complex topics. Publishing your educational book on Direct Knowledge now is a faster and more economical way of sharing your work. Plus, you reach a global audience who wants to expand their knowledge.

If you consider the reach of electronic books, then there are a lot of educational benefits of books for both authors and students. Given the popularity of electronic books, they are the best way to reach students of all backgrounds to help share what you know. We'd love to work on publishing your electronic, educational books on Direct Knowledge.

Contact Us about Publishing Courses

We enable students to study anytime, anyplace, and empower educators to publish their expertise in a course format. Courses are free to publish, so find out how you can get started today.

If you have looked into publishing a course in the past, you know many other sites have their disadvantages. Some force you to post in a certain style or format within the site's parameters. While this works for some, we like to make sure you can share your expertise in any format you could choose. If you've looked into other sites before, then you also know that fees are usually attributed to posting a course. We don't charge you any upfront fees to publish your course on Direct Knowledge.

Sharing your knowledge through a digital course might be the catalyst to someone better understanding a subject with which they're having trouble. Contact us if you're interested in publishing a course and might have questions. We're more than happy to ensure your knowledge is translated thoroughly, and can help make sure you are reaching students of all types who want to dive into what you know best. While there are a lot of benefits to the courses on Direct Knowledge for students, they also pertain to teachers and professionals. If you want to take your expertise and make an effort to reach new audiences then it can really benefit your career. It also helps develop a deeper, stronger understanding of the subject for all.


The Direct Knowledge online community helps professionals advance their expertise by offering publishing services for articles, books, and courses. If you're looking for a guided self-publishing experience, then find out which types of services your work needs.

If you know the benefits of online learning, then you know it is developing into a leading force in education. Learning can take place anywhere, anytime, and in any part of your life's journey thanks to online resources. The best way to learn is the way that works for you. There are plenty of options on Direct Knowledge to learn the way you'd like to learn. Plus, professionals have options in terms of posting their content and knowledge for others. The Direct Knowledge community is the social hub for all of these efforts. Contact us to discuss the full extent of our community.

The best part of an online community is the collaboration that occurs between all members. Articles can allow for discussions of deeper elements and thoughts in the comments. Plus, you can reach out to others to help build collaborative relationships. Between networking and furthering knowledge, the Direct Knowledge community is a priceless resource. While it's free to join, the return is great for both professionals and students. If you're ready to start learning or teaching others, all in the name of developing a better understanding of education's most essential subjects, then Direct Knowledge is for you. The key to a thriving community like this one is a constant flow of new members and original ideas. Be sure to join today!

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