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Need to brush up on biology? Concepts of Biology is a clear-cut textbook designed for introductory students, including non-majors. It breaks down everything you should know in a standard Biology 101 course.

Concepts of Biology

Concepts of Biology is designed for non-major students to grasp biology fundamentals and excel in the course. More than two dozen scientists and professors helped contribute to the textbook in a collaborative effort to pool their knowledge in students’ best interest. Therefore, Concepts of Biology follows a traditional, universal trajectory through teaching the subject. Its major themes are standard in any Biology 101 or Intro to Biology course. Concepts of Biology’s units are as follows:

1. The Cellular Foundation of Life | 2. Cell Division and Genetics | 3. Molecular Biology and Biotechnology | 4. Evolution and the Diversity of Life | 5. Animal Structure and Function | 6. Ecology

These are the six big topics in Concepts of Biology. Within each unit, those topics break up into chapters and lessons. Readers will slowly go more in depth as they progress through the book. For example, unit 2 begins with defining the genome. Then, it discusses the cell cycle. Next, it expands to talk about cancer and the cell cycle. Lastly, it explains prokaryotic cell division. This organizational method is helpful for readers, especially beginners to biology. Plus, each chapter in Concepts of Biology ends with key terms, a chapter summary, and three sets of questions. The questions are important to engaging students. They include visual connection, review, and critical thinking questions. In addition, Concepts of Biology’s layout is clean throughout, with no visual clutter. The diagrams and photos help to enhance the learning experience.

About the Senior Contributing Authors of Concepts of Biology

Samantha Fowler is a professor at Clayton State University, Rebecca Roush teaches at Sandhills Community College, and James Wise is a professor at Hampton University. They, along with more than two dozen other professionals, collaborated on Concepts of Biology to make it as comprehensive, cohesive, and clear as possible. They contributed their writings, images, and research, as well as their time and passion for biology and teaching, into creating a biology book accessible to all students.

Publisher: OpenStax
License: Attribution

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