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Classified Ads (Partner with Direct Knowledge)

Classified advertisements, aka classified ads, allow fairly easy delivery of messages to targeted groups of people. Partnering with Direct Knowledge gives the perfect chance to reach students, teachers, and professionals in a range of fields. All of these Direct Knowledge users almost certainly share the quality of seeking knowledge and growth: Thus, ads for services to help them in this venture are the focus of the classifieds on Direct Knowledge. Professionals can post service offers that highlight their specialties to stand out from the crowd, while clients can post service requests to seek out providers tailored to their needs.

Each ad is easily created using the Direct Knowledge template built into the site. If you are logged in to Direct Knowledge then some of the fields will even fill themselves in. You then add the other needed details unique to your ad, including the area of focus, price points, time frames, etc. Because it is an online platform, the classified ads aren’t as limited in terms of space as they might be in print media. You can even include images and specifications that really highlight the unique aspects of the ad. Additionally, professionals and companies who have already published an article on Direct Knowledge can create a classified ad listing for free. So why not knock out two birds with one stone?

The Classified Ads Categories

These ads are called “classified” because they usually fall under a certain classification or category. On Direct Knowledge, they are grouped into 16 different categories, one of which being miscellaneous to catch any that don’t fit in the others. This simple organization makes it easy for ads to reach the desired audience. Here you’ll find some additional details about the categories, grouped by overarching areas including technical skills, aesthetics, video production, and writing and editing:

Technical Ads

Data Services

Ads for data services typically promote integrating and formatting data for publications such as e-books, articles, and more.  This often means putting the data in a visual form such as tables, charts, and graphs that make it easier to understand. Because data services only include working with existing data, the relevant data needs to be previously researched and gathered ahead of time. Some factors that advertisers may want to consider and specify in their ad include: the amount of data, size of final document, confidentiality of the data, and response times.

Indexing Services

An index orders the topics and cross-references in a publication to keep it tidy and easy to navigate. Anyone with long or complicated materials would likely benefit from indexing. It is most common for books, but also useful for articles, manuals, and technical reports or software. Self-publishers in particular may find this service useful for their personal projects. Use this category to find the indexing service you need or advertise your skills in the area.

Legal Services

On Direct Knowledge, the legal services category relates specifically to publications. There are a number of legal issues that come into play when publishing, including getting an ISBN, copyright, and trademarks. These issues can be daunting, and even discourage some people from publishing at all. But the services in this category make the process more straightforward. Self-publishers in particular can benefit from the professional experience found through these ads, making sure they cover all their bases and remain competitive with bigger publishers.

Technical Review Services

Technical review services are those that occur during the writing process. The review essentially acts as a method of peer review in which professionals work together to ensure the work is of high quality. Reviewers will check the technical aspects of the document including validity of claims and methods. These services are best for documents such as textbooks, online courses, conference presentations, and other technical publications.

Classified Ads Concerning Aesthetics

Design Services

Ads in this category either seek or offer assistance with creating designs for publications. Aesthetic designs of articles, books, and websites have a surprising impact on the audience’s perceptions and reactions, so it’s important to optimize them for the desired purpose. This is true with all medium, from digital to print to physical spaces. Popular projects in this category include document layout, artwork, graphics, and even interior design.

Typesetting Services

Like design and editing, typesetting puts the final touches on material before it’s published. It arranges text on the page to create an appealing display that avoids any distractions for the reader. Keeping away distractions helps improve the reading experience, allowing the reader to focus on the information rather than the presentation. Classified ads in this category typically utilize tools such as Microsoft Word, LaTeX, and Adobe InDesign.

Ads for Video Creation

Video Editing Services

This category of classified ads is for transforming raw footage into finished product. The most common services include cutting the footage, adding audio, creating graphics, and making smoother transitions. The list goes on, as every video production specialist will have a unique set of skills and every video will need unique treatment. Be sure to make the ads as detailed as possible to find that perfect match.

Video Production Services

As opposed to video editing, video production services encompass absolutely everything in the video creation process. This includes the editing portion above, as well as portions such as script writing, narration, and even the filming itself. This means you can post a listing for these services before even beginning the project. In fact, this might be the best option to make sure it’s as thorough as possible. Create a classified ad in this category to get (or create) the full experience from start to finish.

Classified Ads for Writing and Editing

Writing Services

The writing services ads on Direct Knowledge are unique from other sites for a couple of reasons. One, they do not focus on one professional offering to write a document for a client; and two, they do not focus on documents such as essays or blogs. Rather, these classified ads are aimed towards professionals who want to collaborate on projects together. For example, it is a great place to find someone to co-author a book or assist in making an online course.

Editing Services

Having a second (or perhaps third or fourth) set of eyes to look over materials before publishing is always a good idea. The editing services category offers professionals to take on this task, making sure published material is of the highest quality. Classified ads in this category can target a range of types of materials such as fiction, online articles, or even videos scripts. They also include a range of levels of editing like line editing, copy editing, and developmental edits. However, for more superficial editing, see the category designated specifically to proofreading below.

Proofreading Services

This form of editing goes through material with a fine-toothed comb. It’s not for large or structural changes, but rather for checking those small details that can slip under the radar during the bulk of the writing process. This is the place for publishers to find professionals to check grammar, punctuation, spelling, and clarity of material before sending it out the door for good. Editing and proofreading projects often charge per word, so be prepared to give or request information in the classified ad based on word count and content type.

Other Categories

Conversion Services

File conversion can be tricky, and is best done with the help of seasoned professionals. The conversion services category helps make it a breeze for anyone to switch between the range of digital file formats available today. Some of the most common formats advertised here are Word documents, PDFs, HTML, and Apple Pages, to list a few. Offers in this category may want to emphasize experience with certain formats. Requests for services, on the other hand, should seek those tailored to their needs.

Marketing Services

This category is tailored to marketing of written publications such as books, articles, and online courses. These services can increase traffic to publications, gaining them more visibility, attention, revenue, and influence. The service often aims at social media, blogs, and conference promotion using tools like search engine optimization (SEO). If you have published content you want to be in the public eye, or know how to make such content more visible, this category is for you.  

Reader Review Services

Having a third party write a review of published material can increase views and encourage consumption of the material. Reviews are very common for books, but this category of classified ads also offers them for a range of publications. The best reviews will come from reviewers experienced in the field of the publication. But, keep in mind this review is for finished materials rather than a review during the writing process.

Translation Services

In the age of the internet, translating materials into other languages can immediately make them reach a wider audience. This category provides a place to get work translated from and to any language. And, all project sizes are welcome; from small documents such as articles and blogs to larger projects like books and online courses. Just be sure to consider in the classified ad all relevant skills that can affect translation. For example, academic and professional background as well as dialects within a language can greatly affect the final outcome.

Miscellaneous Services

This category is the space for anyone offering or seeking services that don’t quite fit into the above list. This might include highly specialized areas, or blends of more than one service. In the classified ad, be sure to include all possible info about the service such as price, budget, payment, and project size. Being thorough helps make sure that the ad viewers know exactly what you’re offering or looking for.

How Professionals Can Use Classified Ads

Professionals on Direct Knowledge can use classified ads to both provide and request services. Providing services usually means focusing on a field of specialty. For example, a lawyer might sell proofreading services for research papers in the field of law. Requests for services may target either other professionals or general users of Direct Knowledge. This might be a good place to find people to help with research, website design, writing books, and more.

Because of the nature of Direct Knowledge, many of the users will come from academic and technical backgrounds. Students frequent the site, as well as young young professionals looking to get their foot in the door in their field. Many of them are on the lookout for chances to apply the knowledge they’re gaining. So, these ads offer great opportunities to connect with like-minded individuals eager to work.

In addition to people just starting out in their field, Direct Knowledge also specifically seeks out people with experience. All of the materials in the form of articles, books, and courses on the site are the products of these experienced professionals, so classified ads will reach this base as well.

How Companies Can Use Classified Ads

Unlike individual professionals, companies positing classified ads on Direct Knowledge can only list services that they want to provide. The classified ad section of Direct Knowledge is meant to give a way for companies, especially small businesses, to access affordable advertising that also fits the needs of the website’s users. Ad space here will save costs compared to many print, TV, and radio ads, as well as reach this specific audience of online learners. And, as the ads are online, they are accessible at any moment, rather than radio or TV ads which only appear during their brief time slots.

It’s also pretty simple to get an ad set up on Direct Knowledge as the online template does some of the work for you. And with the clear categories on the site, it’s easy to find your target audience and for them to find you. From your ad, you can then direct potential customers straight to your site or service. The easy online format also makes it easy to go back and revise any errors or make changes to the original ad. These features mean your company can direct more time, money, and effort on its goals and less on managing advertising.

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