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  • By Chelsea Turner, M.A. in Communication Studies
  • Chelsea Turner is a professional college counselor. She is a technical writer with expertise in the humanities with an emphasis in communication studies. Her array of experience in marketing, teaching, and counseling provided her with a broad career scope. Chelsea Turner has a Bachelor’s of Arts in English and a Master’s of Arts in Communication Studies.

Running away from an inherent talent is futile, especially when that talent can help others brighten their futures. When Chelsea Turner let fate guide her back into a career in education, she blossomed. As with most writers, every piece of her background informs her publications. Her drive for academic growth enables her to shed light on a variety of subjects without fear of tackling a new challenge.

Chelsea Turner is a professional college counselor with a private company. Additionally, she is a technical writer with expertise in the humanities with an emphasis in communication studies. Her array of experience in marketing, teaching, and counseling provided her with a broad career scope. Moreover, Chelsea’s motivation to help others drives her to continue learning about new topics whenever there is an opportunity.

As a counselor and writer, Chelsea’s work encapsulates the bulk of her educational background and personal interests. As a Girl Scout alumnus and active volunteer, she strives to make the world a better place. How did Chelsea get to this chapter in her life?

Early Life and Up-Bringing

Growing up in the idyllic suburb of Northridge, California, meant opportunities were nearly endless for Chelsea Turner. She is lucky to have two loving parents who always worked diligently to open new doors for her to try new things. Moreover, they instilled in her the importance of hard work and gaining a strong academic foundation.

Chelsea’s parents both taught in the local school district for 40 years each. Her mom taught high school English, and her dad taught high school science. Both of them hold master’s degrees in education, and so academic growth was a pillar in the family’s values. Even as a toddler, reading, counting, and going to school were daily tasks made into fun adventures to instill a love of learning in Chelsea.

In addition to academic support, her parents opened doors for music, art, and athletics. Chelsea began piano lessons at the age of five and went on to play the flute, alto saxophone, and even the bagpipes for her high school band. Additionally, she tried her hand at painting and drawing. Throughout her childhood, Chelsea played basketball avidly and had a short-lived career in volleyball. Ultimately, Chelsea settled on creative writing and water sports.

Chelsea always loved the water, and her parents encouraged her to swim, surf and sail before she was a teenager. By high school, she was avidly swimming and had taken up paddleboarding. In her junior year, she re-joined a friend’s Girl Scout Mariner Troop. Joining Girl Scouts led to her devotion to the organization and enabled her to use her water skills. Additionally, her creative side was fostered through the development of songs and skits to perform for friends around a campfire. In the end, this unique experience in scouting carried Chelsea through her early college years.

College and Career Paths for Chelsea

Image of Chelsea Turner at work
Chelsea Turner at work.

Many consider college as a time for experimentation. However, for the academic, it is a time to identify a set career path and study for it. Chelsea Turner found herself at a crossroads during her college career, which quickly jumped from three years to seven when her career paths opened too many doors.

Undergraduate Life

For Chelsea, California State University, Northridge indeed was a second home. Her mom is an alumnus. The mother-daughter pair went to the campus every summer for six weeks (Mom taught classes, and Chelsea took them). Given the university’s excellent creative writing program and local alumni network, it was the perfect place for Chelsea to enroll.

Having taken college courses during high school, she went in as a sophomore per her transcript. Although she majored in English with a creative writing emphasis, she quickly broadened her horizons and took up a double-minor.

Chelsea considers herself a liberal feminist and quickly fell in love with the works of Simone de Beauvoir and Judith Butler. As such, the selection of her first minor in Gender and Women’s Studies came as no surprise. However, by her fourth semester, Chelsea invested herself in the new Sustainability program on the campus. She worked closely with a few professors on environmental projects and papers, which swiftly led to her taking enough units to declare Sustainability as her second minor.

Beyond earning her B.A., Chelsea also developed her resume. In her first semester, she worked as a campus tutor. Spring of that year, Chelsea became a Supplemental Instructor for Freshman English. She worked as an SI for two years, co-teaching courses with professors, and learning how to be a teacher. In the summer before her last year, she shifted gears when a family friend invited her to apply for a marketing internship in the campus’ communications department.

Chelsea started as a student intern in CSUN’s Marketing and Communications department during her last year of baccalaureate studies. When she decided to stay at the campus for her (first) master’s program, they retained her as a writer and an editor for the alumni notes section of Northridge Magazine.

Graduate Life

Having completed her undergraduate work in English, Chelsea thought a master’s in the same field would continue to hold her interest. However, during her first year, she took two communication studies courses that piqued her interest. The following year, she applied for a transfer and received it.

When Chelsea transitioned to communication studies, her career trajectory changed significantly. Working in marketing began to take its toll as stories began to blend, and content became repetitious. Her creative outlet had become tedious and a bit of a bore. When the graduate chair of the communication studies department received her application, a new door opened.

Chelsea received a poignant call from the graduate chair: “I’m throwing your name in the hat for a TA position.” She had no strong objections. The perks were better, the timing was more comfortable while pursuing a degree, and she already had experience co-teaching college students. Ultimately, the department pulled her name from the hat, and so she taught public speaking for two years.

Beyond teaching, Chelsea Turner pursued the lone path of writing a thesis. Her topic intersected with her previous interest in sustainability with her newfound passion for rhetoric. The thesis, Rhetoric of repurposing “green” signs in big oil, took an extra year from Chelsea’s walk across the stage to publish. She completed and defended the work in August 2017.

Chelsea Turner’s Professional Life

After earning her M.A. in Communication Studies with an emphasis in rhetoric, Chelsea worked for a small security firm. Initially, she worked on clerical tasks. Within a month, Chelsea tackled blog and social media content, which swiftly led to her managing the marketing for the business. Additionally, she took on the hiring portion of the human resources department. By the beginning of her second year, company changes led to her managing a majority of HR needs.

Working in HR presented a new challenge for Chelsea. While she enjoyed the personal aspects of employee development, she felt unfulfilled in making the world a better place. Moreover, she preferred working with youth to working with adults. When her personal life bloomed, and she married her college sweetheart, the need to move out of the Valley to Orange County arose. With that change came a shift in careers once again.

Chelsea began with the new company in an administrative support role. Her tasks included tracking student records and maintaining teacher and student schedules. However, the chance to promote to a Center Director came about within a few months from her start date.

Currently, Chelsea Turner manages a tutoring center and provides academic and college counseling. Her work fulfills her desire to make the world a better place and allows her the freedom to continue pursuing her passion for writing. As a lifelong learner, guiding students on their paths to success is the ideal career path for her.

Interests and Passions

Although Chelsea is lucky enough to work in two fields that ultimately fulfill her goals, she continues to pursue other interests! From water sports to volunteer work to personal fun days, she makes time to enjoy life with her family and friends.

Staying indoors is not in Chelsea’s nature. She continues to volunteer with Girl Scouts as an advisor to two outdoor competitions. In this capacity, she guides high school girls in a committee to develop these events as well as their leadership styles. Also, she gets to be a kid again, enjoying the perks of camping in the mountains, playing at the beach, singing campfire songs, and rekindling lifelong friendships.

In her spare time beyond work and volunteering, Chelsea and her husband (and their dog whenever possible) hike local trails and cruise on their paddleboards in local harbors. If there is enough time, they even pack up her Jeep and travel! Her favorite spots in California include Mammoth, San Diego, Monterey Bay, and Catalina Island.

Additionally, Chelsea is a world traveler. Having grown up with road trips to Canada and Mexico as well as long plane rides to England and Ireland, she continues to work toward her goal of visiting a country on every continent. During these trips, she enjoys tackling new adventures, snapping thousands of photos, and journaling.

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As a well-rounded academic, Chelsea is qualified to write about humanities-based topics. Additionally, she is a keen researcher who can synthesize data and information for a preponderance of subject matter. She follows the news and trends to stay informed, ensuring that she always has a finger on current events. Follow her on LinkedIn for her latest insights.

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