What is Sociology

What is Sociology? (History and Branches)

Sociology is the scientific study of human social relationships as well as institutions. As a social science, sociology studies human societies in detail, their interactions, along with the processes that change and preserve them. This is done by examining the

Current Events in Sociology

Current Events in Sociology

What is it about sociology that makes the field so adaptive to new trends and technologies? In short, the process of human interaction changes just like the world does when new technology arrives. The way humans interact is always adopting the latest practices and capabilities. Keeping up with the modern methods of socializing can be tough, which is why current events in sociology are such a vital topic.

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About Sociology and Why It Is Important

Sociology is the practice of studying behaviors and interactions between humans. Communication is the primary form of sensemaking for the human species. By studying how humans interact, sociologists learn what methods work best when trying to share ideas and information within the human race. Read about the findings and practices that occur within the field of sociology.