What is Economics

What is Economics? (Summary)

Defining economics is incredibly difficult, especially when trying to condense the concept into one phrase. Sure, there’s the standard way of framing it. Economics is a social science that seeks to analyze and give a description of the production, distribution

Current Events in Economics Economical stock market graph

Current Events in Economics

Economics is often relevant to most current events and news making headlines. The best part of economics isn’t that it helps society function more appropriately. Instead, it’s a subject rooted in data and evidence to make informed claims. Improved critical thinking comes from understanding this topic more adequately. Read about current events in economics to explore the subject.

Economics History and Branches

The History and Branches of Economics

Economics is a broad subject that attempts to understand and explain the interactions of society with all aspects of the natural and man-made world. That’s why there are branches of economics covering everything from human behavior, to natural biological systems,

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About Economics and Why It Is Important

Economics impacts the lives of every citizen in society. The ways different countries organize transactions of goods and services dictate essential elements of their governing. Read all about the different types of economics and why each subject plays a vital role in national and international relations.

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Principles of Economics

Do you wish you knew more about the economy? Principles of Economics can help give you a deeper understanding of how the world’s financial systems work. The textbook is intended for introductory and intermediate economic students and covers a wide