Current Events in Anthropology Neanderthal man is a drawing

Current Events in Anthropology

Anthropology is an excellent subject because it involves so many different disciplines. This combination of studies can focus on the aspect of humans, society, and culture to find out what makes the species unique. Find out what current events in anthropology are yielding in terms of research findings. Plus, learn more about the subject by following its trends.

History of Anthropology 1

History of Anthropology (Introduction)

Anthropology is the study of humanity. It is a branch of science dealing with all aspects of humanity. Focuses include language, culture and natural character of everything. Anthropology has its main concern revolving around certain main elements. For instance, who

What is Biological Anthropology Human skulls standing on the glass shelf at the State Darwin museum

What Is Biological Anthropology?

The study of anthropology goes further than just examining rocks. Some would say that it’s not as exciting as going on adventures in unknown lands. The reality of biological anthropology isn’t as clear-cut as one would see in sci-fi movies.

Anthropology Rock paintings with magnifier on paper close up

About Anthropology and Why It Is Important

Anthropology explores the types of progress made throughout human history. Different jobs come with a degree in the field and help contribute to society’s knowledge of the evolution of the species. Find out more about this exciting social science, and why the subject earns acclaim across many academic fields and studies.