What is Economics

What is Economics? (Summary)

Defining economics is incredibly difficult, especially when trying to condense the concept into one phrase. Sure, there’s the standard way of framing it. Economics is a social science that seeks to analyze and give a description of the production, distribution

Current Events in Economics Economical stock market graph

Current Events in Economics

Economics is often relevant to most current events and news making headlines. The best part of economics isn’t that it helps society function more appropriately. Instead, it’s a subject rooted in data and evidence to make informed claims. Improved critical thinking comes from understanding this topic more adequately. Read about current events in economics to explore the subject.

Economics History and Branches

The History and Branches of Economics

Economics is a broad subject that attempts to understand and explain the interactions of society with all aspects of the natural and man-made world. That’s why there are branches of economics covering everything from human behavior, to natural biological systems,

Current Events in Geography Large group of people standing in the form of a world map

Current Events in Geography

Geography is a subject many students study in a K-12 school but misunderstand. Several considerations go into the practice and study of geography. The several areas of focus within current events in geography make it vital research to examine and learn. Find ways to learn more about the subject of geography through current news in this article.

Geography History and Branches

What is Geography? (History and Branches)

 A captivating and interesting subject, geography is a scientific discipline and is devoted to the careful study and analysis of the Earth’s landforms, environment, oceans, and ecosystems. It is also the study of the interaction between the human society and

Current Events in Anthropology Neanderthal man is a drawing

Current Events in Anthropology

Anthropology is an excellent subject because it involves so many different disciplines. This combination of studies can focus on the aspect of humans, society, and culture to find out what makes the species unique. Find out what current events in anthropology are yielding in terms of research findings. Plus, learn more about the subject by following its trends.

History of Anthropology 1

History of Anthropology (Introduction)

Anthropology is the study of humanity. It is a branch of science dealing with all aspects of humanity. Focuses include language, culture and natural character of everything. Anthropology has its main concern revolving around certain main elements. For instance, who

What is Biological Anthropology Human skulls standing on the glass shelf at the State Darwin museum

What Is Biological Anthropology?

The study of anthropology goes further than just examining rocks. Some would say that it’s not as exciting as going on adventures in unknown lands. The reality of biological anthropology isn’t as clear-cut as one would see in sci-fi movies.

Types of Teachers Silhouettes of People Gathering Outdoors

Types of Teachers (36 Examples)

Below you will find a list of some of the most common types of teachers in U.S. education. Drama Teacher Drama teachers help students learn about performances. These performances involve areas such as opera, ballet, play or even mime. They

What is Sociology

What is Sociology? (History and Branches)

Sociology is the scientific study of human social relationships as well as institutions. As a social science, sociology studies human societies in detail, their interactions, along with the processes that change and preserve them. This is done by examining the

Current Events in Sociology

Current Events in Sociology

What is it about sociology that makes the field so adaptive to new trends and technologies? In short, the process of human interaction changes just like the world does when new technology arrives. The way humans interact is always adopting the latest practices and capabilities. Keeping up with the modern methods of socializing can be tough, which is why current events in sociology are such a vital topic.