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About Biology and Why It Is Essential

The study of all living things is known as biology, and experts see it as one of the most fundamental subjects of research in the natural sciences. Learn the branches of biology and the importance of this study for human life and other creatures on Earth. Plus, find out what careers exist for students of the subject.

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Concepts of Biology

Need to brush up on biology? Concepts of Biology is a clear-cut textbook designed for introductory students, including non-majors. It breaks down everything you should know in a standard Biology 101 course. Concepts of Biology is designed for non-major students

Current Events in Biology

Current Events in Biology

When research takes place in biology, two experts can be working on two different things. That’s because the field of biology and its current events cover a wide variety of topics and subjects. Read about the various ways biology is in the news and what the latest findings have to say about the future of living things.