Computer Science History

Computer Science History (and Branches)

Computer science is the study of the scientific approach to computation. It encompasses theoretical and practical study of the structure and automation of algorithms that underpin the representation, storage, and retrieval of information. Computer science also includes the design of

Current Events in Computer Science

Current Events in Computer Science

Computer science is an expanding field of study that involves several technological considerations. There are so many studies and research projects contributing to daily life each day. From work on supercomputers to mobile phones, find out how current events in computer science impact the world each day. Plus, explore the subject further in a meaningful way.

Computer Science Scientist Adding Microscopy To Brain Study App

About Computer Science and Why It Is Essential

Computer science is the study of what computer applications can do for society. A degree in the field offers several opportunities for jobs and areas of study. The growing influence of digital technology makes computer science one of the most important subjects today. Learn about the history and importance of this field.