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Current Events in Mathematics

Mathematics is the study of numbers and their practicality in solving mysteries of the world. Current events in this subject help to uncover the true meaning of the study. Many who dislike math don’t truly understand what it accomplishes or aims to discover. By focusing on current events, students and professionals alike help to show why math is such a force in society.

Current Events in Computer Science

Current Events in Computer Science

Computer science is an expanding field of study that involves several technological considerations. There are so many studies and research projects contributing to daily life each day. From work on supercomputers to mobile phones, find out how current events in computer science impact the world each day. Plus, explore the subject further in a meaningful way.

Formal Sciences Senior women as math lecturer in university lecture hall

What are the Formal Sciences?

Scholars discuss the formal sciences regularly in research, but too few people know the simple meaning of this branch of academia. Explore the fields of study in this subject and find out which disciplines fall under this umbrella. Also, explore why these branches hold great importance to society. What are the Formal Sciences?

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About Mathematics and Why It Is Essential

Mathematics uses numbers as a language to explore some of the world’s most complex theories and problems. Children in school associate math with difficulty or confusion. With proper study, the subject can become an exciting way to view the world. Read all about the topic and its many branches.

Applied Mathematics Journals Mathematician watching formulas

Applied Mathematics Journals (Explained For You)

Applied mathematics bears many connections to various other fields within academic and professional life. Consequently, it’s important to stay up-to-speed on the most recent theoretical and practical developments. Advancements in applied mathematics can affect everything from pharmaceutical research and development

Chinese Remainder Theorem (Examples Included) Fresh chicken eggs in a basket

Chinese Remainder Theorem

This definitive guide covers proofs, examples, algorithms, applications, and history of the Chinese Remainder Theorem. It also includes links to additional resources such as online articles, courses, books, and tutors to help students learn from a variety of sources. Professionals can also use these resources to increase their knowledge of the field or help structure courses for their students.