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How to Publish a Book (Self-Publish Your Work)

Writing a book seems like an unattainable goal for many people. If this sounds like you, find some tips in this article to help you get started writing. It also describes how you can self-publish your book and services available on Direct Knowledge to get you through the writing and publishing process.

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Indexing Services for Self-Publishing (Everything to Know)

Indexing your book can help provide readers with a path to your central themes and ideas. Read why indexing services are popular with self-published authors, and how an index can boost your book’s utility. For referencing, resourcefulness, and reader-friendly content, a great nonfiction or academic book should utilize all that an index has to offer.

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Typesetting Services (Everything You Need to Know)

Typesetting services are vastly different than they were a few decades ago. With professional writing taking place on word processors instead of typewriters, the need for designing visually pleasing type structure is still relevant. Learn about why typesetting services are still crucial to learn or hire in today’s working world.

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What Is a Technical Writer?

The job of a technical writer is to help a company or business obtain clarity in its written communication. To do this, professionals work on consistent tone and precise word choice to help share information updates about the company. As a highly desired career, learn more about the job of a technical writer and the average salary for the role.

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LaTeX Document System Guide

The LaTeX document creation system provides writers with an alternative to typical word processors. It gives the user control over typesetting through the use of markup tagging conventions that are relatively easy to learn to use. Students and professionals often use LaTeX in academics or math and science, and the free online sources for the software make it widely available for anyone who needs it.

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Contributor Guidelines (Share Your Expertise)

Contributor guidelines help ensure the quality of work on a website. Read about what goes into the creation of contributor instructions and why they are essential. Find out what expectations apply to a contributor on a website or blog. Plus, find out what guidelines exist to become a contributor to Direct Knowledge.

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A contributor helps to provide insight and expert knowledge to readers of all backgrounds. The best contributors help to teach others vital information about their profession to prepare future careers and minds. Read about what requirements exist to become a contributor to Direct Knowledge. Plus, find out what ways a contributor can style their work for blogs and online learning sites.

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How to Write a Professional Bio

Writing a professional bio is essential for contributors. The information in a bio helps readers learn more about a writer and their affiliations. Likewise, the bio serves as a connection between the author and the audience. Read about the best ways to craft a bio for contributors. Plus, learn tips about the best things to include in your short and full-length bios.