What is Philosophy

What is Philosophy? (Question Everything)

Learn about several aspects of philosophy. This article starts by defining what is philosophy then goes through a brief history of ancient and modern philosophy. It answers the important question of why does philosophy matter, and gives steps to follow towards becoming a philosopher, whether a casual armchair philosopher or a formal research philosopher.

Schools of Philosophy

Schools of Philosophy (11 of the Foremost)

Are you a rationalist or an idealist? A skeptic or a cynic? This article highlights some of the most influential schools of philosophy throughout the course of Western philosophy. From Existentialism to Structuralism, learn about some of the great philosophical doctrines of the past and present, and how they are still relevant today.

List of Philosophers A row of statues of great philosophers and thinkers leading towards the building of the Austrian Parliament

List of Philosophers: 4 of the Greatest Ever

If you are curious about famous philosophers, this article is for you. Discover more about Kant, Plato, Aristotle, and Socrates. How are they similar, and how are they different? How is there work still being used today? You may be surprised how these four thinkers have impacted modern thought and culture.

Philosophy Degree World philosophy day concept with tree of knowledge planting on opening old big book in library full with textbook

Philosophy Degree (and What to Do with It)

What can you do with a philosophy degree? Philosophy teaches students how to think critically and question existing processes, which are vital tools in almost any industry. Careers in academia, politics, and literature are particularly well-suited for philosophy majors. Investigate whether a philosophy degree is right for you in this article.

The Meaning of Philosophy thinker copper statue at philosophy building exterior

The Meaning of Philosophy and Its Impact

Philosophy, at its essence, is a search for answers to humanity’s most basic questions. Where did philosophy begin, and how many different schools of thought exist today? How can you use it in your daily life? Why does it matter? These questions and more are answered in this brief article.

Christian Figures in the Renaissance 1

Christian Figures in the Renaissance

Mack: From Corsignano to Pienza Corsignano was the birthplace of Pope Pius II. As an older medieval modest town, this could be a fitting larger allegory for the origins of a famous humanist writer of Christian figures. Very little of

Life of Francisco Goya

Throughout the Life of Francisco Goya

Goya was one of the best creators in the world at the time, and perhaps overall. This means the complexity of his person is evident in his work. Within his work, as within the life of Francisco Goya, we can

Painting in Siena in the Trecento

Siena in the Trecento: Reasons for the Style

Many times when thinking of the Renaissance, we think only of late-era Florence painters. However there is a lot of merit in discussing early-era architects and painters, especially those of Siena in the trecento. Tim Benton: “The Design of Siena

Giotto Donatello Duccio

Giotto, Donatello, and Duccio: The Greats

Giotto, Donatello, and Duccio have many stylistic differences, but their fame in the early Renaissance and beyond connects them. Giotto, Donatello, and Duccio especially each have a significant work, or multiple, that put them on the early Renaissance “map”. Hayden

Duecento Orsanmichele Florence Orsanmichele is a church in city of Florence Italy Interior of church

Duecento (Innovation and Tradition)

Consider the issue of innovation and tradition. Is there a reversion to early Duecento types in the wake of the Black Death? Or does this deliberate archaizing occur during the late Duecento and into the early Trecento? Is the Classicism

Death and Persecution in the Early Renaissance 1

Death and Persecution in the Early Renaissance

Millard Meiss: “Painting in Florence and Siena After the Black Death” The most important vehicle for political participation of the middle class were the guilds. The true source of citizenship was a membership in a guild, with many various kinds

Early Renaissance Saint Petronius Basilica decoration The Isaac sacrifice

Early Renaissance: Competition and Collaboration

Consider the role of competitions and collaboration in the light of the great architectura. Also consider sculptural projects of Early Renaissance Florence (Orsanmichele, Baptistery, Duomo, cantore). To what degree did competition provide the impetus behind the development of new forms?


Coyolxauhqui (Analysis of the Head of Coyolxauhqui)

In 1829, archeologists unearthed a colossal pre-Columbian stone monument from the foundations of a colonial church in Mexico City. This monument, the Head of Coyolxauhqui, was carved in Tenochtitlan, the center of the Aztec world. We will discuss its iconographical significance, theorize reasons for its creation, its function in the pre-Columbian world, and what became of the monument since.

Works By Goya

Works By Goya (Analysis of Four)

Goya was an 18th century Spanish painter who lived through the Spanish Inquisition and the Spanish War of Independence. He was very prolific and painted throughout his life, even becoming director of the Royal Academy of Painters. Here we analyze four works done throughout his lifetime and explore how they relate to his idea of the perfect universe.

What Are the Visual Arts

What Are the Visual Arts? (A Look Into)

A common phrase is that art imitates life. And among all 5 senses, none have the ability to enthrall and inspire like vision.  The visual arts seek to enrich the lives of its audience by producing aesthetically appealing, intellectually arousing

Famous Sculptures

Famous Sculptures (and Their Origins)

According to myth, the first of our ancestors, be they neanderthals or humans, chiseled a large wheel from a boulder. The action brought awe to his cavemen counterparts. Perhaps the brute tools, arrowheads and weapons from our earliest predecessors seem

Famous Paintings Vincent Van Gogh artiste peintre

Famous Paintings (Origins of Six)

A brief discussion of six of the most famous paintings of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. The paintings themselves will be familiar to most readers, but here we discuss the context of the works and the less obvious interpretations. From Eugene Delacroix’s Liberty Leading the People to Edward Hopper’s Nighthawks, learn more about these famous paintings.

Current Events in Philosophy people sitting rear at the business conference

Current Events in Philosophy

Philosophy is a vital subject to help explore human interactions with reality and mindfulness. The role of a philosopher changes every time society adapts to new technology. Current events in philosophy help to point to significant changes in the field of study in the digital age. It’s essential to study the subject in the news to learn what changes in the current period.

Current Events in Visual Arts

Current Events in the Visual Arts

Visual arts help to provide students and adults with a creative outlet. When someone studies current events in this field, it’s clear that several areas also offer other benefits. For many adults, the arts don’t play a role in their daily lives. People can find ways to incorporate this subject into their routine by studying the current events in the visual arts.

Philosophy Tree of life sprouting from a well thought out book

About Philosophy and Why It Is Important

Philosophy is the investigation of human knowledge and existence. Through various branches of study, philosophers work to uncover the human experience and how it relates to the world. The subject also reveals elements of reality and morals through discourse. Find out more about this important and vital topic.