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About History and Why It Is Important

If history repeats itself, then how does society keep from making the same mistakes? In many ways, the past informs the present and future, and studying significant events and decisions from decades ago can help make the future look brighter. Read why the study of history is a vital branch of the humanities.

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About Literature and Why It Is Important

Literature moves readers through the masterful use of language. The study of these works holds much value and importance in society. Discover the works and meaning of literature as an art form involving language and writing.

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About Law and Why It Is Important

The law helps to organize society from separate parts to an interwoven whole. Without the law, the value and safety communities rely on would not be possible. Find out more about the use of the institution and why it’s so important to everyone.

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Translation Services (Everything You Need to Know)

Translation services provide a useful tool for reaching new audiences outside of a single language. For the most effective reach as an author or professional, multiple translations help to build stronger bonds to more readers than ever even imagined. Learn about translation services and what they can help to accomplish here.

Humanities Global International Community Communication Concept

What are the Humanities?

The humanities, including history, language, law, literature, performing arts, philosophy, theology, and visual arts, play a significant role in understanding society. This page provides readers of various levels with information and additional resources on the humanities that are great for self-study and career advancement.

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Legal Services for Self-Publishing (Everything to Know)

eBooks changed the way self-publishing authors can share their work. If you’re interested in self-publishing a book, you need to consider copyright laws, publisher’s rights, and other legal considerations. That’s why legal services are helpful for authors like you. Read about what legal steps you need to take to publish and distribute your book.

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Design Services for Self-Publishing (Everything to Know)

A great book should have great design work, including covers, infographics, and more. A pool of qualified digital designers are out there, waiting to make your next ebook a hit. Find out why design services are a great option for self-publishing authors. Plus, discover why every book should include graphics and design, no matter the subject.

Outstanding Philosophers Group of Diverse People Listening to the Speaker

Outstanding Philosophers (10 Inspiring Careers)

Although considered abstract, philosophy consists of numerous theories and approaches to answering the most difficult questions in life. Speculation on human thought, nature, and the universe resonate in this field, and outstanding philosophers ponder, create, and debate answers to these great questions. Contemporary philosophers make careers in academia, mostly teaching and publishing in the field. … Read More

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Video Production Services (Everything You Need to Know)

Video production services make professional videos possible through pre and post-production elements and decision making. With videos growing each year as a means to engage with audiences in-person and online, learning the skills to become a video production services professional can help boost a skillset into new heights.

Metaethics from a First Person Standpoint The word Philosophy on a wall

Metaethics from a First Person Standpoint

Having trouble understanding metaethics concepts? Metaethics from a First Person Standpoint will offer a fresh perspective for the confused but curious philosophy student. Unlike traditional textbooks, Metaethics from a First Person Standpoint dictates in novel format what “right” and “wrong” could really mean. Philosophy students will enjoy reading Metaethics from a First Person Standpoint. The … Read More

An Introduction to Technical Theatre Programming lighting for a dance show

An Introduction to Technical Theatre

Want to go behind the scenes of a theater production? An Introduction to Technical Theatre lays down the many logistics necessary to putting on a show, from sound and lighting to scheduling and backstage etiquette. The reference guide is intended for high school and college students in theater programs. There are so many facets to … Read More

Exploring Movie Construction and Production Planning to make movie with clapperboard megaphone Organize and coordinate teamwork to write scenario

Exploring Movie Construction and Production

Are you dreaming of becoming a filmmaker, or maybe just love movies and want to know how they’re made? Exploring Movie Construction & Production is a great place to start. Film students and curious readers will learn about all that goes into making movies, from script to screen. Exploring Movie Construction & Production sets out … Read More

Fundamental Methods of Logic Portrait of beautiful woman thinking with hand on her chin

Fundamental Methods of Logic

Do you want to be a better debater? Fundamental Methods of Logic breaks down different equations of reasoning that will help you defend your arguments. The textbook is best suited for philosophy students and those taking introductory courses in logic and critical reasoning. Logic is the math of thoughts and ideas. One may also think … Read More

Visual Arts Eyes are many

About the Visual Arts and Why They Are Important

The visual arts are human-made creations in which people use things like paintings or photographs to capture artistic perspectives. Using external tools, artists create everything from portraits of people to landscapes and moments in time. The craft requires technical skill and creativity, making it one of the most challenging subjects to master. Learn more about the topic here.

Philosophy Tree of life sprouting from a well thought out book

About Philosophy and Why It Is Important

Philosophy is the investigation of human knowledge and existence. Through various branches of study, philosophers work to uncover the human experience and how it relates to the world. The subject also reveals elements of reality and morals through discourse. Find out more about this important and vital topic.

Outstanding Visual Artists Skilled artist man teaching young girl painting on easel at art school studio

Outstanding Visual Artists (10 Inspiring Careers)

Painting, sculpture, photography and crafts — these are all pieces of art considered within the realm of “visual art.” Those who create them, along with many others like film and architecture, are called visual artists. Professionals in this realm of creative work may hold a variety of positions from self-made artists to animators with large … Read More

Current Events in Visual Arts

Current Events in the Visual Arts

Visual arts help to provide students and adults with a creative outlet. When someone studies current events in this field, it’s clear that several areas also offer other benefits. For many adults, the arts don’t play a role in their daily lives. People can find ways to incorporate this subject into their routine by studying the current events in the visual arts.

Current Events in Philosophy people sitting rear at the business conference

Current Events in Philosophy

Philosophy is a vital subject to help explore human interactions with reality and mindfulness. The role of a philosopher changes every time society adapts to new technology. Current events in philosophy help to point to significant changes in the field of study in the digital age. It’s essential to study the subject in the news to learn what changes in the current period.

Famous Paintings Vincent Van Gogh artiste peintre

Famous Paintings (Origins of Six)

A brief discussion of six of the most famous paintings of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. The paintings themselves will be familiar to most readers, but here we discuss the context of the works and the less obvious interpretations. From Eugene Delacroix’s Liberty Leading the People to Edward Hopper’s Nighthawks, learn more about these famous paintings.

Famous Sculptures

Famous Sculptures (and Their Origins)

According to myth, the first of our ancestors, be they neanderthals or humans, chiseled a large wheel from a boulder. The action brought awe to his cavemen counterparts. Perhaps the brute tools, arrowheads and weapons from our earliest predecessors seem like a far-flung notion of art compared to the hyperrealistic famous sculptures of the last … Read More