david smith at grand canyon with family

David A. Smith

David A Smith is the founder and CEO of Direct Knowledge, an online learning resource for students in every step of their academic journey. As a lifelong educator, David takes two decades of experience with him into his latest goal of helping others achieve their educational goals. Read about his background, professional experience, and current project to learn more about him.

Megan Matheney china great wall

Megan Matheney

Megan Matheney is a professional technical writer specializing in material relating to Earth sciences, environmental economics, and developmental economics. Her range of knowledge comes from a B.S. in Geophysics from the University of Texas at Austin. And from an M.S. in Environment and Sustainable Development from the University of Glasgow.

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A contributor helps to provide insight and expert knowledge to readers of all backgrounds. The best contributors help to teach others vital information about their profession to prepare future careers and minds. Read about what requirements exist to become a contributor to Direct Knowledge. Plus, find out what ways a contributor can style their work for blogs and online learning sites.

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Contributor Guidelines (Share Your Expertise)

Contributor guidelines help ensure the quality of work on a website. Read about what goes into the creation of contributor instructions and why they are essential. Find out what expectations apply to a contributor on a website or blog. Plus, find out what guidelines exist to become a contributor to Direct Knowledge.

Taylor Bauer lives in Champaign-Urbana IL

Taylor Bauer

Taylor Bauer is a technical writer and digital marketing professional. Read about his educational background and the work he finished during undergraduate and graduate school. Explore areas of his expertise and what Taylor does now in his career. He is a contributor to Direct Knowledge and is passionate about providing educational resources to all who want to learn.

Chelsea Turner views the Queen Mary

Chelsea Turner

This article is about Direct Knowledge contributor Chelsea Turner. Although her primary work is in college counseling, she is an avid writer. Although her area of expertise is the humanities, particularly language and communication, Chelsea has published articles on an array of topics. This biography delves into Chelsea’s background, education, and professional experience.

Nian Verzosa

Nian Verzosa

Nian is an anesthesiology resident in New York. She is also an entrepreneur and specializes in helping early-career physicians start their online businesses in residency. She helps residents overcome burnout by empowering them to build meaningful and profitable businesses out of their passions and hobbies, to a level where they have the freedom and choice to leave clinical medicine.


Briana Bonfiglio

Briana Bonfiglio is a newspaper reporter based in Long Island, New York, and holds a bachelor’s degree in journalism from the State University of New York at New Paltz. She has written for several publications and websites, including Chronogram, The New Paltz Oracle, and Direct Knowledge. She is currently a reporter for Long Island Herald Community Newspapers.