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Current Events in Chemical Engineering

Chemical engineering is a field of engineering that utilizes different aspects of physics, chemistry, mathematics to help create long-lasting solutions to the daily problems that human beings face. From coding molecules to computer-aided processing, let’s examine a few current chemical engineering events from around the globe. Plus, there are several things readers might learn from studying the field in practice.

Outstanding Chemical Engineers Serious clinician studying chemical element in working environment Close up

Outstanding Chemical Engineers (10 Unique Careers)

Chemical engineers excel at combining elements of chemistry, physics, biology, and mathematics to contribute to our society. These professionals work in a variety of organizations from academic institutions to healthcare corporations to food processing manufacturers. Read about these ten outstanding chemical engineers who have found unique ways to contribute to the field.

What is Chemical Engineering

What is Chemical Engineering? (History and Branches)

Chemical engineering is the development of processes, design, and operation of plants where substances change either their physical or chemical state. This article gives a history and overview of chemical engineering as well as an introduction to various sub-specialties such as biomaterials and crystallography. Learn more about this important branch of engineering.