Accounting Business concept Business people discussing the charts and graphs showing the results of their successful teamwork

About Accounting and Why Is It Important

Accountants allow businesses to manage money responsibly and grow effectively. There are several reasons to hire an accountant one’s personal life too. The role is so essential to both the consumer and business economy that the job market is always growing. Find out more about this crucial profession.

Business meeting in business lounge senior ceo and executive team having project discussion in office

What Is Business and Why Is It Important

Business is the primary function of someone providing goods and services to make a profit. The world runs on the principals of this subject. It’s essential to learn the definition of the topic. Plus, read about different types of business that help to explain the importance of the study.

Aerospace engineering pieces of aircraft machinery at the barrack inside

What Is Aerospace Engineering and Why Is It Important

Aerospace engineering makes space exploration and other flight projects possible. Discover what requirements go into studying aerospace engineering and what salary professionals make in the field. Learn all about this exciting career and new trends in the subject.

Operations Management Business People Team Applauding Achievement Concept

What Is Operations Management?

Operations management jobs help ensure every aspect of production and distribution goes smoothly. The position ensures the success of many goods and services businesses around the country. Explore various examples of the field of work as well as why this field continues to grow every year. Plus, find out more about different career opportunities in the area.

Business Management Mature businessman turing around in a meeting looking at the camera and getting a headshot taken

What is Business Management?

Business management studies help to prepare professionals to run and manage their own business. Whether a career includes starting a business from the ground up or running one for someone else, the skills are necessary for a competitive business climate. Find out what goes into the study of business management and what tools students have to pursue the subject.

Finance Financial accounting investment advisor consulting with her team at office background

What Is Finance and Why Is It Important

Finance is a crucial field of study if you wish to become successful. Understanding investments and money management is an essential element for many profitable professionals and businesses. Discover the best ways to explore finance and the importance of reading articles on the subject. Plus, learn about different types of investment and why each is essential to learn.

Materials Engineering Scientist in laser vision glasses engaged in research in his lab show movement of microparticles by laser

What Is Materials Engineering and Why Is It Important

Materials engineering works to lead innovation in the field of manufacturing. From new ways to produce things to new materials, how professionals build things is always changing. With efforts to make things more durable, affordable, and environmentally friendly, materials engineering helps to solve issues faced in manufacturing every day. Read about this field and why it’s a great profession to pursue.

Marketing Business Team Celebration Party Success Concept

About Marketing and Why It Is Important

Marketing helps to build brands and increase a company’s growth and profits. As technology adapts the way consumers seek out products, marketing changes with it in ways unimagined even a decade ago. Read about changes to the world of marketing and why this profession is still one of the most in-demand career paths in the world.

Applied Sciences Eye scanning image

What Are the Applied Sciences?

The applied sciences take existing scientific knowledge from natural or formal science and develop practical applications such as tools and technology. The applied science fields highlighted here include engineering, medicine, and business. This guide provides ideas and sources for convenient, online supplementation of traditional courses or self-learning through various online resources includes educational articles, books, and classes.

Accounting Journals

Best Academic Journals In Finance (Journal Rankings)

Whether an accounting student, faculty member, researcher, or practicing professional, journals can give you a leg up in your field. They are great for staying current on trends, research, and techniques that can lead to advances in your career. And according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the number of jobs is the field is … Read More

Review Services Business Woman Working Brainstorming Ideas Planning Concept

Review Services (Everything You Need to Know to Succeed)

Review services play an integral role in the life of authors of all sorts. Reviews connect audiences to new works, help authors build a credibility in the industry, and truly bring great works to the mainstream. Find out why review services are integral to the eBook world and print industry alike.

Principles of Financial Accounting Magnifying glass and financial documents Audit and accounting concept

Principles of Financial Accounting (Full Book Review)

Need to learn accounting concepts in a pinch? Principles of Financial Accounting can help. The textbook is a go-to guide for students and teachers alike. With hands-on exercises and over 100 visuals, readers will be punching numbers like a pro in no time. Principles of Financial Accounting explains the necessary processes for practicing accounting in … Read More

Public Health Ethics A garbage can filled to capacity with single use plastic waste including plastic bottles disposable plastic cups and plastic straws

Public Health Ethics: Cases Spanning the Globe

If you’re entering the health field, are you concerned about making decisions that severely impact lives? Public Health Ethics imparts the knowledge you need to prepare for difficult situations. The textbook stresses that health ethics come down to practice, but students and professionals can benefit from reading case studies. Public Health Ethics: Cases Spanning the … Read More

Anatomy and Physiology Human anatomy and physiology model in the laboratory for education

Anatomy and Physiology

Ever wonder how the human body functions? Anatomy and Physiology describes in depth the many ways that our body works for us everyday. The textbook is a great tool for students taking both beginner and intermediate anatomy and physiology courses. Get up to speed on the human body and its functions with Anatomy and Physiology. … Read More

Field Trials of Health Interventions Young female intern consulting with other doctor

Field Trials of Health Interventions: A Toolbox

Ever wonder how doctors know that certain medical treatments work for certain ailments? Go deeper into this inner world of medicine with Field Trials of Health Interventions. Medical researchers will appreciate the background research, explanations, and wealth of case studies this book provides about discovering health interventions. The world of medicine is constantly evolving. Field Trials … Read More

Financial Accounting Online Textbook Businesswoman holding a silvery pen Participation corporation

Financial Accounting Textbook (Full BookReview)

Thinking about studying accounting, but don’t know where to start? Financial Accounting will be your guide. The textbook breaks down essential concepts and practices for beginners, including introductory undergraduate and MBA students. Financial Accounting is a textbook designed for early-level accounting students. While accounting may seem daunting and complicated to some students, this book makes … Read More

Fundamentals of Electrical Engineering 1

Fundamentals of Electrical Engineering 1

Looking for a comprehensive textbook on electrical engineering? Fundamentals of Electrical Engineering 1 gives a great overview for students taking an introductory course. Fundamentals of Electrical Engineering 1 is a textbook for beginners. Students taking an introductory electrical engineering course will benefit from its thoroughness. They will learn how to create, manipulate, transmit, and receive … Read More

Medicine Doctor examining a patient x-ray

About Medicine (A Quick Introduction)

Medicine is an ancient practice that becomes more effective the longer humans study its application. The role of medicinal experts in society is to find ways to cure diseases and treat illness. The quality of life today is mostly a product of the medical industry’s research and progress. Read all about this profession and why it holds much importance in society.

Cnc machine with panel and keyboard in a Factory of modern mechanical engineering production of gearboxes

What Is Materials Engineering and Why Is It Important

Mechanical engineering involves several elements of physics, machine sciences, and design. The job field requires significant study and experience, but yields high salaries and excellent carer growth opportunities. Find out more about this field’s requirements, and explore articles and information on the importance of this subject.

Chemical Engineering Aluminum tanks for the storage of raw materials in the chemical industry sterile conditions in the enterprise 2

What Is Chemical Engineering and Why Is It Important

Several essential products only exist because experts can construct them from basic elements and materials. The process is known as chemical engineering, and only a small collection of professionals study this field, making it a highly specialized profession. Learn about the study of this subject and where to find more about this growing and influential field.

Civil Engineering Mini city design Mixed media

What Is Civil Engineering and Why Is It Important

Bridges, roads, and airports all require planning and careful design. Civil engineers specialize in building public works with things like natural landscapes and boundaries in mind. The maintenance of nature within human expansion is delicate but crucial to this field of study. Explore more about civil engineering jobs and types of work involved in this profession.

Electrical engineer among solar panels at solar power plant

What Is Electrical Engineering and Why Is It Important

The ability to design and organize electrical systems involves significant training and expertise. To achieve this high-paying career, individuals must study electrical engineering. Find out more about this highly skilled profession and the requirements for professionals. Read about articles and career details for these professionals. Plus, find out what sort of salary comes with this job.

Engineering World creation mechanisms Earth planet made of gears

About Engineering (An Easy Introduction)

Engineering is the application of mathematics and other sciences to create practical tools and structures for society. The engineering books and articles on Direct Knowledge will cover many different types of engineering, as well as general career information. Learn more about how the resources on Direct Knowledge can help with your understanding of engineering.