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  • By Briana Bonfiglio, Reporter for Long Island Herald Community Newspapers
  • Briana Bonfiglio is a reporter for Long Island Herald Community Newspapers. As a local journalist, she informs communities about the issues that directly impact them. She enjoys learning about others’ life passions and sharing their stories with the world. Also, Briana writes about music, activism, and culture on Medium.

A passion for storytelling drove Briana Bonfiglio to pursue a career in journalism. She listens, bears no judgment, and hopes to breed compassion by telling human interest stories. Briana also believes that knowledge is power and wants to share important information with the public.

Briana Bonfiglio is a reporter for Long Island Herald Community Newspapers. As a local journalist, she informs communities about the issues that directly impact them. She enjoys learning about others’ life passions and sharing their stories with the world. Also, Briana writes about music, activism, and culture on Medium.

Briana has had a natural knack for writing since she was young and followed it through grade school and college. She began by starting a music blog, where she posted reviews of new pop and rock records. During her undergraduate career, Briana wrote news and culture articles for various websites and publications. She also completed a long-form feature piece about music’s role in political movements, a topic she continues to explore.

Undergraduate Work

Briana Bonfiglio moved from suburban Long Island to upstate New York for education among the mountains in the fall of 2014. She spent four years in her undergraduate career at the State University of New York at New Paltz and graduated with a B.A. in journalism in the spring of 2018. During her time there, she also studied and earned minor degrees in sociology and film studies.


In the summer of 2016, Briana interned at Long Island Herald Community Newspapers. She wrote front-page feature stories for her hometown paper, the Seaford Herald-Citizen, and the Wantagh Herald-Citizen. She also completed rigorous fact-checking for the town’s annual community guide, an almanac that informs readers about the area, and ran the newspaper’s Twitter page.

During her final semester of college, Briana interned at Chronogram, a magazine highlighting the culture of New York’s Hudson Valley. She wrote pieces about local authors’ new book releases and regional events for the print publication. She also wrote for the company’s newsletters, online websites and uploaded print content to the sites, adapting the content to meet SEO guidelines.

Journalism Projects

Briana Bonfiglio joined the college’s student-run newspaper, The New Paltz Oracle, as a features copy editor in August 2016. She reported and wrote stories about the eclectic culture of the campus and surrounding areas. She also copy-edited and fact-checked stories weekly.

Then, Briana’s fellow student reporters elected her to the position of Arts & Entertainment Editor at the New Paltz Oracle, which she took on from August to December 2017. As an editor, Briana assigned articles to reporters, wrote weekly stories, and helped lay out the paper using InDesign and PhotoShop. She also launched and produced a web video series where local artists performed from the newspaper staff’s office.

At the same time, Briana was reporting a long-form story for her capstone journalism course. She dove into the history of music’s role in social movements, interviewed local musicians and music-based non-profit organizations, and researched the music industry’s impact on politics. The result was a multimedia web piece called Music to the Movement.


After proudly walking the stage and receiving her college diploma, Briana Bonfiglio returned to Long Island. As it turned out, her undergraduate internships valued her work and would both offer her opportunities that year.

For the summer of 2018, she continued her work remotely for Chronogram, assisting with newsletters and online content. Then, in October, the Long Island Herald hired her as a full-time reporter for its Rockville Centre and Oceanside/Island Park Herald newspapers. Since then, she has immersed herself in these three Long Island communities.

As a reporter, Briana attends village and school board meetings, interviews local officials, and writes breaking news for the print publication and website, She also writes feature stories highlighting the communities’ dedicated volunteers, businesses, and social life.

In 2019, Briana Bonfiglio contributed to the Long Island Herald editorial staff’s reporting series, “The Racism Around Us,” which explored structural racism’s roots and continued impact on the region. She investigated the New York school system’s efforts to create a culturally-responsive curriculum, as well as Long Island’s activism community that fights against racial injustices and works to bridge gaps between cultures.

Briana has been a contributor to Direct Knowledge since 2019. Also, Briana writes about music and politics on her Medium site. Here, she’s touched on topics such as protest songs, women empowerment, and voting initiatives in the United States backed by music artists. She hopes to continue this work and interview more social activists and musicians.

Personal Life

Briana Bonfiglio is a resident of Seaford, New York, a small hamlet in the Town of Hempstead on Long Island. She’s a 5-minute drive from Jones Beach State Park and a 45-minute train ride to Manhattan. She loves walking the bustling city streets as much as she enjoys taking long walks across the shoreline.

In her free time, she knits, practices yoga, listens to music and podcasts, and spends time with friends and family, including her beloved mini Goldendoodle, Sophie. She also enjoys going to concerts and eating Japanese food in New York City.

Briana Bonfiglio FAQ

Who is Briana Bonfiglio?

Briana Bonfiglio is a reporter and writer. She works full-time for Long Island Herald as a community newspaper reporter, covering the towns of Rockville Centre, Oceanside, and Island Park in New York. She also writes about music and politics on Medium. Briana holds a B.A. in journalism from the State University of New York at New Paltz.

What is the best way to contact Briana Bonfiglio?

The best way to contact Briana is through social media or email. Find her on Twitter and LinkedIn, or reach her at She is active online and frequently checks messages.

Future Outlook

Briana Bonfiglio has grown significantly since her days writing music reviews. She’s sharpened her writing and interviewing skills, having covered a wide range of topics for different publications. And her career is only beginning.

At the onset of the coronavirus pandemic, Briana and her colleagues at Long Island Herald switched from a print-first model to a web-first model for publishing their work. Since March 2020, Briana has been diligently posting important, relevant stories about the virus, as well as stories about how people in the community are coping.

Going forward, Briana will continue to cover the towns of Rockville Centre, Oceanside, and Island Park with care and consideration for the news she must report and stories that residents want to read. She enjoys meeting new people and maintaining contact with those who are vital to those communities.

Briana also hopes to write stories on topics and people beyond her coverage areas in her spare time. She maintains her Medium site, where she primarily writes about the merging of politics and music. She is fascinated by ever-changing cultures and political landscapes, social movements, and, above all, their impact on people’s lives.

Briana is always searching for her next story. Her future goals include writing long-form human interest pieces for magazines and publishing a non-fiction book. For any inquiries about her work, please email her at

Social Media

Social media users can find Briana Bonfiglio on Twitter and LinkedIn. These are the best ways to learn more about her and her professional work.

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