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Physics is a unique blend of science, math, and philosophy that many people are drawn to for a variety of reasons. Besides scientists and researchers in the field, plenty of regular people like to read up on the latest developments, too. This popularization of the field is a great step in keeping society informed and aware of the importance of science, and Direct knowledge is here to encourage whatever level of learning you’re looking for.

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The Science of Everything

Within the natural sciences, physics studies the motion and behavior of matter throughout space and time. This makes it one of the most fundamental sciences. In fact, some argue it is the most fundamental science because it can, in theory, explain everything in existence. But, it has yet to be able to do so. Or at least humans have yet to figure out enough of it to do so. Either way, understanding how the universe behaves is the ultimate goal of the field. Here you can find material exploring everything from the biggest ideas and advancements to the most fundamental methods and theories.

First, it’s important to get a grasp on the history of physics. This helps you know what topics are central to the field and how methods have changed over time. The biggest changes concern the use of the scientific method and new technologies. These both gave physics a new level of reliability as well as the ability to explore new topics that were previously unreachable.

Speaking of technology, physics now contributes a huge amount to advances in technology. This would be the applied side of things, giving us more practical uses for everyday life. Some examples of the technologies given to us by the field include TVs, computers, various common appliances, and even weapons. On the less practical side of things, physics aims to just understand the universe. This search for understanding even coincides with many goals of areas like philosophy. So studying physics can help you become part of the next big technology, or just fulfill your own desire to understand the world around you.

The Main Theories

Today, the core theories you should read about are classical physics and modern physics. Classical physics was well-developed by the beginning of the 20th century, but is still in frequent use today. It includes areas like classical mechanics, thermodynamic, electromagnetism, and acoustics and optics. It mostly looks at regular objects in motion and the forces that act on them.

Modern physics, on the other hand, looks at more extreme conditions. While classic physics looks at objects that we could observe normally, like beach balls and trains, modern physics would look at things more like enormous galaxies or tiny sub-atomic particles. But don’t worry, the professionals at Direct Knowledge can help you grasp these advanced areas which include topics like atomic and nuclear physics, quantum theory, and the theory of relativity.

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