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Studying biology can be a bit different than studying other sciences. It often isn’t as predictable or testable as most natural sciences, even though physics and chemistry are often thought to play critical roles in biological processes. But scientists are learning more about the field every day, with rates of advancement greatly outpacing those of previous centuries. With Direct Knowledge books, you can see the advancements they’re making and maybe even become part them.

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The Science of Life

Biology is the natural science that looks at living things. However, by the nature of the field, biology involves other natural sciences such as physics and chemistry, too. And then it can go on to integrate itself into applied fields like medicine, agriculture, and even astronomy (looking at you, astrobiology). This makes it a diverse field with many areas to study and work in.

The books in this category will help you to learn what we know in the field of biology. The depth of study starts from the very basic, then going into much more detail. It eventually gets to a point where even experts in the field don’t fully understand the details. For instance, there is still so much we don’t know about how life works. From the most simple organisms to our own complex bodies, we don’t know exactly how or why many processes take place. This is where the study of biology turns into memorization for the layman and advanced research for the professionals.

Diverse Applications

Although much of the material in the field relies heavily on memorization, there are helpful tips and methods here for keeping track of it all. And preparatory materials focus on specific problem areas to help you move on to the next step; whether it’s passing that exam, getting into that college, or advancing in a career. Some of the areas where prep and assistance can really help out are cell theory, evolution, organic chemistry, and genetics. And mastering these fields can help you get into a range of fields that use biology.

For instance, cancer research is a growing field constantly making breakthroughs in this day and age. It seems to be on the verge of really making cancer a thing of the past, but to do that it needs the best and brightest young minds to join in the work. In general, medicine uses biology in almost every aspect of research and application. Agriculture, too, is going through a lot of changes these days. Extreme population growth over the past century means that we need to feed billions of people using the same resources we’ve always had. To do this, biology looks at how to use these resources in the most efficient and creative ways.

Take a look at the books in this category to see more ways in which biology can be used in different fields.

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