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Mathematics applies to essentially every area of our lives and subject of study. Even so, a lot of people still shy away from the subject thinking it’s too difficult for them. But anyone can do it with the right assistance. Whether math is a personal interest, a requirement for school, or a way of enhancing what you do professionally, the books in this category can help you learn the crucial parts of the subject in a way that’s easy to understand.

Mathematics Books - Brilliant Young Mathematician is Finishing Writing Complex Equation on the Blackboard

Finding the Beauty in Math

Sometimes, classic math textbooks can be convoluted and hard to figure out. Complicated examples and unnecessary details can keep students from learning subjects that shouldn’t be so difficult. But in reality, math is a method of making the world around us easier to understand, not harder. It gives us a language for describing the indescribable. And that language is beautifully consistent, concise, and pure.

A lot of students might scoff at that last statement, but it really is true. All you need are the right tools to help you understand mathematics at a fundamental level. The books in this category provide those tools. Sensible examples make the concepts clear as day, and save you study time by focusing on understanding the concepts at a fundamental level.

Which Topics are Right for You?

The books found here span a wide range of topics that are perfect for many ages and levels. High schoolers just starting to get into more advanced math can find books on subjects like linear algebra and proofs. They can also look into the range of books on calculus (levels 1, 2, and 3) and number theory as tools for AP exam prep. And any college student knows that math is generally required as one of the core classes in college, even if you’re majoring in something else entirely.

But that just shows that university course planners know math has relevance and importance in all fields. So embrace the subject with a positive attitude and see how it can add to your major. For example, math has had a long relationship with sculptors and painters over time. They often used geometry to create shapes and patterns with the most visually pleasing aspects possible, or to make structures in architecture both attractive and strong in terms of structure. Music, too, has a deep relationship with math. Numbers and their properties relate to elements of music such as rhythm and meter, pitch, tempo, pulse, and more. The golden ratio and Fibonacci numbers are even central parts of the work of some composers.

Nothing to Lose

Forget anything anyone ever said about not being a “math person.” All it takes to get comfortable in the field is practice and dedication. From there, whatever your passion, mathematics can complement it. And this bookstore can complement your learning process with eBooks just a click away, wherever you are in the world.

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