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Computers and computer science have integrated themselves into practically every facet of our lives. Markets and research in apps, games, and computer chips just keeps growing faster and faster all the time, and there are applications in other fields like micro-machines in medicine. Even kids are learning about computers and programming as young as elementary school! So, don’t get left behind in what’s now not only a popular field, but a critically necessary one.

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Man’s New Best Friend

Computers are so much more than just bundles of plastic and metal. They hold entire worlds of information and can solve complex problems we couldn’t dream of in the past. There’s no doubt that computers have changed the world as we know it. The only question now is whether you’ll change the world, too. With quality computer science books at your fingertips, it’s not as hard as it might sound.

In computer science, you’ll learn the inner workings of computers and software. This includes their design, application, development, and theory. Programming is also a key part of computer science, but it’s just one element. You of course first need to know what it is you aim to program. For example, algorithms and performance of the computer rely on knowledge outside of programming alone. Similarly, some other popular areas in the field these days are artificial intelligence, security, graphics, and bioinformatics.

Theory and Beyond

Algorithms and theories fall into what is called theoretical computer science. It’s the more abstract area of the field, but still gets its motivation from practical computation. Computer systems then look at how computers really work, usually trying to improve performance. The most practical fields are those of applications such as graphics, AI, scientific computing, and human-computer interactions.

You’ll notice that these pretty much all require you to be familiar with multiple fields. That’s why you’ll find a range of interdisciplinary topics in this category that touch on all these subjects and how they relate to each other. There are also more practical books that give you practice with tutorials, instruction manuals, and software documentation.

A Mix of Skills

While computer science mainly looks at software and software systems, hardware is still an important aspect to keep in mind. Computer science applies to various types of hardware these days, from super computers to handheld devices like phones and smart watches.

You need to know what each device can handle, and knowing how the machine physically works can help you understand it a bit better and even help you fix problems that might occur. This is why we include books such as handbooks and how-to-guides on all a range of computer subjects, to make sure you can adapt to any situation.

Computer science has changed drastically over the last hundred years, and will probably keep doing so in years to come. Use the books here to catch up with what’s been done, and be part of what happens next.

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